Header lost when emailing or saving to pdf

We have noticed that when we save an invoice to pdf using the pdf button or email an invoice directly from manager the header (business name and abn) and a line at the bottom of the invoice are lost. The invoice prints fine from manager and it is also possible to print to pdf with no problems. How do I overcome this problem please?

are you using a custom theme or one of the default themes available in Manager?
users are responsible for their custom themes.
if you are having issues with the default themes available in Manager, then please provide some relevant screenshots explaining your issue. also, always give basic details like your Manager version, edition, OS, etc when reporting an issue on the forum.

Hi Yes it is the custom theme so I guess I won’t get any help. I am using the cloud version.

Forum discussion among users interested in enhancing Manger’s value by using it’s extensive customization capacity, is probably best done on a Manager forum in my opinion.

Other forum members appear keen to cleans this forum of Manager customization discussions.

Perhaps a mutually agreeable solution would be to have a sub forum where all coding related posts could be moved to. That way those who don’t want to see such posts can just not go there and ignore them, and those wanting to customize Manager can share their experience and knowledge.

Of course a forum is not going to make all visitors instant programmers, and many will not be able to achieve the customization they want even with community support.

The forum software has the ability to put threads in categories such as ideas, bugs, smtp. I’m not sure if it has the ability to not show threads in a particular category, say Coding

Some forum users do offer coding support such as

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@Patch as a forum member who used to provide custom theme support myself, my advice is not to commit to something you cannot provide for free forever investing your personal time.

the developer and forum moderators do not encourage customization queries is because Manager is a constantly evolving program. each release could break a prior functionality which was of interest to the user. so if you want to provide support to the users by providing a theme developed by you, please make sure you can personally support them for free forever by rewriting your custom theme which would work with the newer releases of Manager.

you or any such helpful user may also want to do that through private chat and not on the public forum so that it does not bring a negative impression on Manager software in case such help cannot be continued.

all the details required for basic customization requested by users according to past discussions on the forum are already covered by the guides.

please do not take my comments personally but this is how things actually are.

:slight_smile: Actually I was not proposing to offer my time for free for ever.

The free service envisioned is for motivated users to learn from the past coding examples on the forum. While it is true there is a considerable amount of information already on the forum, finding it involves already knowing key words used in Manager. Such as

Personally I don’t find the follow comments particularly useful or supportive

  • get support for Manager customization on a different forum or
  • Read all the guides (unless you already know which one to read) before asking questions

They are easy to make, but making no reply at all is probably more useful imo.

If the intention is that customization not be used as program changes are likely to break it, then that is best prominently displayed on the heading of a coding forum and in the guides. The more time invested in a solution, the greater the annoyance it the investment in time subsequently becomes wasted. Making the customization difficult increases this cost, it does not mitigate the potential loss.

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First, paste at least header part of your theme here to look it. Also paste some screenshots from normal screen, and PDF output.

such situations can easily be avoided if the new user is not so ignorant about reading the Terms Of Service or Privacy Statement before signing up on the forum.

the user is once again given the chance after sign-in when they receive their first personal message with links to everything you have said is not prominently displayed to them. below is the message.

also, if you check the guide about customizing themes, you would find the below mentioned.
If you are not familiar with the Liquid language, numerous educational websites can be found on the internet, including at https://shopify.github.io/liquid/.

i do not understand what more instructions a forum or website can offer to the user if they are not willing to read.

[quote=“sharpdrivetek, post:8, topic:28440, full:true”]

Problem is that, even if you are skilled in HTML, and now about Liquid, many liquid stuff and commands, are not supported in Manager, so even we skilled ones need to ask questions or so, so Lubos can explain his implementation.

Agreed, but they themselves lack consistency in their responses to Custom Themes topics.
What’s next, restrictions on responses to Custom Report topics. What about Chart of Accounts “themes”.

All being User customization features of Manager so where do you put the topic discussion demarcation line.

Please excuse myself from this comment. I have never been part of that brigade.
For my part, where Manager provides a feature then that feature should be able to be discussed on the Forum. As with other subjects, such as taxation, there are limitations to which responses can assist, before the User needs to refer to a related professional.

When a User is posting a topic, about any feature within Manager, it is entirely voluntary for other Users to respond or not. If Users can’t assist with a topic, then they should just ignore it.

I don’t think anybody has ever advocated that - Users developing themes for other Users.
However, if a User has a technical question about their “own” theme, such as this topic
then other Users should be free to discuss that without being “Shut Down”.

Furthermore, If a User chooses to post a solution they have developed to solve a particular presentation then there is no obligation upon other Users to utilise it.

Agreed, but that is not restricted to Custom Themes. In recent times functionality has been broken with Custom Reports, Tax Code account allocations and Inventory Items data.

The one who becomes responsible for fixing just changes.

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