PDF print problem

There many other program using PDF for reporting and doing file saving. It works perfectly. Is it something that we need to modify in PDF or the problem has not been solve by the developer yet.

there are no problems reported recently regarding pdf generation in Manager. if you are facing any problems which is not a result of your personal tweaks, kindly provide relevant details so that other users can provide help.

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

Notice the space inserted in-between text. I press the PDF button.

Thank You

Hi Sharpdrivtek,

It generate on next page too, if you notice the blue header.


This is not helpful, @emonchan5. You did not explain what you are showing with your screen shot. Nor did you show its Edit screen or explain what you think it should show instead. And once again, it looks like you are using a custom theme, for which you are responsible.


The report shown above is generated using the PDF button available in Manager.IO. After generating the Sales Quote, the custom fields are separated by a space and, instead of one page, the custom fields are generated on a new page due to spaces inserted.
I spoke to PDF about it and was asked to refer to the third-party software provider i.e. Manager.io
According to Adobe, Manager.io should solve the problem itself. Others third-party software provider is doing the same for its customers.
Okay. Back to the sales quote, I only added a line of syntax to it. That’s about it. Browsing through the forum, even some codings are recommended by Manager.io tellings us how to amend certain reports.
Questions: I am looking for guidance from the software provider to help solve our needs. I found out through the forum, mostly, Manager.io will push most problems back to their users.
I am like ???, what happens? If you do not want us to do coding, then do not encourage us to do it. Please provide us the relevant reports based on accounting standard where we can submit it for quick business decision making, auditing, and taxation. Please do not criticize us with comments like ‘we do not know about coding’ or ‘we know nothing about accounting’ or ‘it is your responsibilities’ etc… Do I get the same treatment from Manager.io if I pay for the license? I hope you do understand that not every user out there are smart with coding and getting someone to do a small job…they will not do it. Please understand the users feeling and frustration of not getting things done by using the software which has little flexibility. Manager.IO is good accounting software and I am willing to pay for the licenses but the supports really scare me totally. Helping users to solve their requirements helps to improve Manager.io further. I hope you understand my intentions are to improve and not to offend anyone from Manager.io. If I do offend then I am sorry.


please understand that no reports can be generated by modifying the theme.
themes will only change the appearance of your reports.

Manager has been generous enough to provide the users an option to create their own themes unlike other software vendors. but that does not mean Manager is obligated to design themes for every individual user as per their preference. Manager cannot be responsible for the incorrect coding of themes by users.

it should be noted that Manager has provided all necessary coding instructions in the guides for basic user requirements which at present can only be achieved by theme modification. apart from that, any modifications is the responsibility of user.

Dear Sharpdrivetek,

No modification whatsoever. Using Manager.io Sales Quote Theme

PDF generate 2 pages and Manager.IO custom fields have big spacing. I hope you are convince now Manager.io PDF do have problem.

Thank You

Dear Sharpdrivetek,

Also notice the number of custom fields I have to add in. Those are the information requires in Proforma Invoice but the themes in Manager.io does not cater for that. When customer asked for it, we have to provide. Those information’s are essential for business dealings. These is a classic example I can provide to you for consideration. Lots of standard documents we use in the business (incl accounting standard reporting) world are not provided for in Manager.io. See what I meant when I try explained it to you on earlier post.


the theme in your screenshot is designed to show as it appears. so it is not the problem with the theme. it is a problem only if the theme does not appear as it was coded to appear.

the number of custom fields is the choice of the user because every user has different needs as per the rules of their country. Manager cannot provide all fields as default.

if the line spacing is your issue, you can simply adjust the same in your theme.

{% for field in custom_fields %}
        <td colspan="99">
            <div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 20px">{{ field.label }}</div>
            <div>{{ field.text | newline_to_br }}</div>
    {% endfor %}

just reduce the value for padding-top to a lower value as per your requirement.

also, you can make the custom field heading and text appear side by side rather than one below the other. see the code below.

{% for field in custom_fields %}
        <td colspan="99">
            <div style="padding-top: 20px"><b>{{ field.label }}</b> {{ field.text | newline_to_br }}</div>
    {% endfor %}

there are a lot of possibilities in Manager if you know liquid coding. also you can hire someone locally who knows liquid coding to customize the themes for you.

in short, the PDF generator in Manager has no issues. it generates PDF as per the code in your theme.
Correct code = Correct PDF
Wrong code = Wrong PDF

Dear Sharpdrivetek,

Thank You for you kind help. Like I explained it earlier, people are not interested in small job. I do not know how easy to get one in your country, but here, zero chances.

Thank You again

Those are WYSIWYG programs. I already explained Manager is not. That is not a problem, just the way the program was designed.

Again, the program is designed to do this.

One line can change everything. Why do you think someone else should be responsible for how your code performs?

No one who has responded to you is from the developer. Everyone is a user.

The heading is added on the second page because users requested that feature long ago. If you don’t like it, use the Print button instead. If you want to generate a PDF without the second-page header, use a PDF feature in your operating system’s print dialog or a virtual PDF printer application.

Yes, you added all that information, but now seem to be upset that it takes space to print. Are you aware you can also add all that information in a single custom field? See Use HTML code in fields | Manager.

I suspect that depends on what you are willing to pay. Apparently, you want the developer or another forum user to modify software to meet your desires for free.

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Hello Tut,

Again, the program is designed to do this. (What do you mean? Mr.Sharpdrivetek has solve the problem with ease and not the program been designed to do this.
One line can change everything. Why do you think someone else should be responsible for how your code performs? Your sarcasm prevails everything. Did I say I want someone else to be responsible. Is it wrong to ask when problem arises. Aren’t the software is build for public?
If Everyone is a user. Why do you answer on behalf of Manager.io then? Thanks for your help. Then how do we talk to the developer because since you are a user, you will won’t be able to help much technically. I think you are the developer.
The heading is added on the second page… After Mr.Sharpdrivetek help, now it is printing on one page.
Yes, you added all the information…I don’t think you understand to my earlier questions unlike Mr.Sharpdrivetek did address to the problem with full understanding. Do you understand what Business presentation is all about?
I suspect that depends…again, you are the developer itself. You are releasing a incomplete software for users to use so that users will spend more time to understand the system and having users to help you in solving/improving the software. My suggestion to you, you do not need to be rude in answering users request. If you don’t like to help then stay away from the forum because in a way you will jeopardize the credibility of Manager.io employees. The problems face by the users are genuine, otherwise they will not spend time asking through forum. They use the software for business operation and not to play with it and therefore time is important. Do you see it? But then I still think you are one of the developer and when you cannot solve the problem, you will show your rudeness or trying to push the responsibilities away. I don think you have the right to despise a person intellectual. You are not listening hard enough. Like I said, if you are not the developer, stay away from the forum and stop insulting us. BTW, I would like to say a big Thank You to Mr. Sharpdrivetek for his kindness to help us out.

Dear emonchan5,

You would seem to be a new user Manager - it is a provided free as a single-user desktop version and as a paid server or cloud version.

Support is provided by this forum and there are a number of long term users, (note users not developers) who freely help to answer user’s questions and provide support for bug reporting.

As the software is free, new releases are released and bugs do sometimes get out into the real world so this is used by the developer to keep his costs down.

The users that reply to the questions have different backgrounds but all are users - some have more knowledge of accounting and legal matters, and some have a more technical background. So the replies to a question can be from various sources and be of different utility but all are trying to be helpful.

The overall aim of the forum is not be a coding forum but to address the more functional questions about the software although, as you have found, some users will provide technical help to problems if this is not your area of expertise. The range of users of the software appears quite diverse to me - spanning a wide range of businesses and geographical regions.

I am still astonished with the quality of the software and ease of use - and all for free!

I do not. I answer based on my own knowledge and opinions.

You need to rely on him to read the forum. He does. But that does not mean he will decide to modify the program to suit your requests. When was the last time Microsoft responded to a request from you for a new feature? My guess is that has never happened, and never will.

I understood you. I did not know how to accomplish what you wanted. Nor was it my responsibility as another forum member to write code for you. @sharpdrivetek knew how to do what you wanted. He was very generous to write custom theme code for you. He did not modify the program or fix what you incorrectly think is a bug. This is the advantage of having many forum members offer their thoughts. You are free to follow or ignore any of them.

Yes, I do. And it is highly subjective, depending on individual desires and preferences. None of what you asked about would be considered standard accounting reporting, which is typically plain to the point of boredom. It was all about your individual preferences for design and presentation of pro forma invoices. It is not realistic to expect any program to automatically cater to your personal style choices.

I am sorry you think that. I am not. Why would I lie to you about that? I did not write and have never seen a single line of code for the program. I am not an employee of NGSoftware (the developer). My posts on the forum carry no more weight than any other user’s. As a forum moderator, I have been asked by the developer to help monitor forum behavior and explain the rules of the forum. And I have the ability to convert posts into bug reports when appropriate and move suggestions to the Ideas category. Other than that, I am just like you.

Dear Joe91,

Thank You for making me understood as to what is happening in the forum. Yes, I totally understood what the forum is for. I am trying to make Tut understand the feelings of frustrations when users encounter problem with the software. With Tut latest reply, the full understanding is not there. Tut likes to assume with how users think and the way tut reply is very rude. If you have time, read Tut forum thoroughly and you will know what I meant. Understand one thing, even if Tut is a user, then help with full kindness and not lectured us or despise our intellectual. I appreciate when users all around the world is trying to help but do not throw tantrum at us. DO YOU THINK ANY USERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT. I mean, com’on, if you think you can help then help otherwise ignore the problem and leave it to someone else to do it. 70 countries, 70 different cultures, 70 different work system, and what does Tut knows except Tut local staying place. Classic example:-
Tut says Mr. Sharpdrivetek wrote a custom theme for me…Does Tut knows the real story…What got into Tut to make such comment if Tut is a user especially the helps doesn’t come from Tut. Is Tut jealous because some one offer to help. Is Tut a leader in this forum? Such high ego and never admit own mistakes.
Then she talk about Microsoft…What is wrong with her? I did not ask for modification to the program instead what I ask for is to improve the accounting software so that it conforms to the universal (GAAP) accounting standard that is if she understand it correctly. Take sometime to review other accounting software and see what is lacking in Manager.io software. Perhaps, Tut will have a better understanding before she throw her high ego again. That’s why I said Tut is not listening hard enough. Com’on, Manager.io is available to 70 countries worldwide. Even Microsoft improves it software to cater for the needs to meet the fast evolving technology changes available today and that’s why we get regular updates. We have windows 7,8,9, 10 and now Microsoft is working on new release. Overall, Tut is very immature and I don’t think he has that so call knowledge or experience to help out here. Instead we get bombarded by Tut replies. Most probably Tut get paid to do a job in this forum but in a wrong way. I feel sorry for NGSoftware.
By the way, My.Joe91, Thanks for dropping the notes to me. I am also astonished with the quality of the software and ease of use - I am willing to pay.

@emonchan5 please understand that i provided help regarding something i know. that does not mean i know everything. i am not that good at accounting. neither am i so experienced as @Tut with the functionality of Manager.
we both have repeatedly tried to make you understand that your problem was not related to the accounting capability of Manager.
to explain in simple examples, what you are trying to say repeatedly is you have a car but it does not look like a boat. just because you want it to look like a boat does not mean the car is a faulty one. it was designed to be a car. and not boat. if you want to make it look like a boat, you are free to do that but it is your responsibility and you have to spend your personal time to make it look like a boat. other users are making their own boat and you cannot expect them to spend their time on your work.
i took some time out of mine to help you and that is what @Tut meant by saying i was generous. as a fellow user it was not an assumption but the fact. also, if you search the forum, you will find that similar helps were provided on the forum by other users including @Tut.
there is no need to criticize others on the forum who are trying to help. please understand my help was only voluntary and not because anyone else could do it.

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Dear Mr. Sharpdrivetek,

Thank you for your help. Are you a close friend to Tut?. Read the forum Tut send me. Then you will know why?


@emonchan5 , tut is a moderator here and only know things like other users. He stick to rules which were stated to him being the moderator n to do his duties and responsibilities. its good to have someone in this team sticking with rules. its true that its not a coding forum but we do like to offer help n seek help too in custom theme regards. Just follow the rules.