Adding photographs and phone calling

I have Some Ideas Related to Features Of Your Great Manager Soft ware As Below
1-It will be a good if we can add a Photo to Each Employees of a company
2-Is There any option in programming to add a program that enable the company to call its customers or suppliers throw internet . I knew it will be a difficult and its far from accounting system features but it will be a great tool for Profitability communications with customers and suppliers . its my suggestions

Use an image type custom field. See Use custom fields | Manager and Add an image to a custom field | Manager.

This is very unlikely to be added. There are many customer relationship management and contact management programs available. Manager development focuses on accounting features.

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I suspect a custom field with something like the following may work (note the number will need to be the actual suppliers of customers phone number).

<a href="tel:555-555-5555"><img src="path/to/phone/icon.jpg" /></a>

When Manager is viewed on a mobile phone than will call the number. On a Mac that will initiate a Facetime call. On other operating systems you will usually be prompted for your phone calling application.

or for a Skype call

<a href="callto:1234567">Call 123-4567</a>
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@Patch thats a good idea.
did you try this code in custom field?
PLease give us more details

Theoretically, since html works, it should work.


Just tested it quickly and it absolutely works. If you’re on Windows, it will automatically bring up Skype, but you could change your default calling app if you’d like to use something else.

It’s sort of clunky to enter the phone number, since you have to additionally input the html, but the end result is perfectly functional. If you use a form default to pre-enter the html with a phone number placeholder, that could speed up entry a bit. But you still have to highlight where the number should go, etc… which slows the workflow slightly.

I did the following… 1) Create a custom field with the label “Phone”. Made it a “single line text” and “large” size. Checked the “column” and “printed docs” options. 2) Added a form default where the custom field “Phone” looks like this…

<a href="tel:555-555-5555">555-555-5555</a>

… 3) Brought up a new transaction and entered a phone number. 4) Was able to make a call from the viewed form page or the listed entries page. Pretty slick.

@Patch’s solution of using an image would mean you don’t need to enter the number twice (once for the link target, and once for the actual link) but then you’re dialing numbers blindly. I’d rather have the number “spelled out” on forms and lists, so I can make sure it’s the right one.

Hopefully @shasha is able to make this work for their needs.

With a custom theme you can avoid to insert the html part and to input the phone number twice. Just the plan phone number.

thanks friend I will try your advice and see

But then the phone number wouldn’t be an active link in the listed entries view. You could only make calls from the actual transaction document itself.

How you implement it (html entry vs theme) would all depend on how you would use such a thing. The number can appear many places… on customers, on receipts/payments, on sales invoices, purchase orders, employees, etc. So if you wanted to have the ability to call any employee from your employee list, you’d have to enter the html. If you wanted to call a supplier from the actual purchase order, a theme mod would work.