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Good day, I decided to revamp our company image a little and went with a smooth green theme, which compliments our logos etc… All well and good, until you have to PDF any of the doc’s, the system footer reflects perfectly, the PDF doc, well it’s just a mess… Further the additional information field below the Company details, pulls arbitary information through on delivery notes etc…The whole theme idea is great, but it needs to actually work, this is lost time, having to revert to plain. My point being, please don’t make things like this available, if they haven’t been debugged.

Likewise, please don’t complain without providing information necessary to understand and, hopefully, correct any problems. Can you please post screen shots showing a transaction entry screen and the corresponding finished view? Explain specifically what you think is wrong.

And Tut, if you revert to my original message, you would note, adequate information was provided in view of MANAGER to establish the problem experienced… Your response was rude and unwarranted… Attached (uploaded) are screen shots of the problems experienced, which should adequately illustrate my point being made…


in the first screenshot, is that a custom field?
if yes, do you have the same custom field on the form where you copied the delivered note from?
custom fields with similar headings will be copied when using Copy To function.
if you do not want to copy over the contents of custom fields, give them a different heading.

regarding the address on your footer,
you seem to have entered your business address as a single line in Business Details under Settings. have you tried saving it as multiple lines?

Hi Sharpdrivetek

To answer your questions, I don’t believe that first field at the top of the page is a custom field, all the custom fields I introduced were below the inventory line items, above the footer…

Insofar as the footer problem, once PDF’ed, no, I have ensured each is a single line item (in paragraph form), if in Plain standard theme it is seen as such, only when using a custom theme, does it lay it out as such. I placed the forward slash (/) in an attempt to make it look better when using the custom theme, which it does, however when PDF’ed it “squooshes” everything together and looks terrible…

If it’s not something that is worth resolving, i.e. because it relates to aesthetics, I understand, just let me know, and my decision is either accept it as is or go back to the Plain Theme, which we’ve been using for well over a year or so now and it isn’t bad at all, I just liked the idea of making our business doc’s more interesting…however, aesthetics is very secondary to functionality and I’m happy to settle on functionality and just by the by, I think MANAGER is great, I’ve used a few packages to date and I rate MANAGER right at the top of that pile easily… And I have been considering to migrate over to the paid cloud version for some time now, I’m just concerned about data integrity and my lack of IT skills required for the conversion…

Thanks, Kevin…

Hi Sharpdrivetek, I will check if that top of page field is custom, your explanation is logical and explains that magical appearance of narrative… I’ll get back to you on that one…My approach is very adhoc, I do things as they are required, I must check.


the plain green theme only displays the customer name, customer address and the customer business identifier.
but your screenshot shows only the customer name.
so i think there is something in your custom theme code which results in showing what is displayed below your customer name.
on the entry form where exactly do you enter the IMPORTANT and VAT No. ?

you still did not make it clear whether you entered your business address as multiple lines in your Manager Settings or directly as a line in your custom theme.
if it is the latter, then PDF generator does not support all style formats. as to why it displays correctly when viewed is because Manager basically functions as a browser. but a PDF generator is completely different. hence the difference.
if you still want to directly insert your address as a line in your custom theme, remove any unnecessary formatting and insert <br> tag between lines to jump to the next line.

Hi Sharpdrivetek

In Business Details, each line has been entered as such, i.e.
Vi-oN Buzniz
123 Street
South Africa
It has not been a single straight line of information…


thanks for clarifying that.
i just checked and Manager does seem to limit the footer to three lines, one each for business name, address and business identifier. but in Manager’s defense, your address does seem unusually long. :wink:
anyways, in the business details you can insert the <br> tag as i suggested earlier. this would sort the present issue.

Actually, @KeoN001, you did not provide the most important information, which was a screen shot of the entry screen for a transaction giving you trouble. You later illustrated view screens, but still did not show what the input was. It would still be helpful to see the actual inputs that generated the problematic transaction.

Your further discussion has also made it unclear whether you are using the built-in Smooth Green theme, possibly with some custom fields, or a custom theme you created by modifying that built-in theme. Unfortunately both would be selected in a dropdown box appearing when the Custom theme checkbox is ticked. Can you confirm which you are using?

There are two additional things to understand:

  • Individual fields accept and are interpreted as HTML code. While in simple situations, this can convey the impression of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get system, that is not actually the case. See the Guide:
  • Manager’s internal PDF generator substitutes the Google Noto font for whatever your browser displays on screen. This is necessary to accommodate the 80-plus languages Manager has been translated into. As a result, your browser’s display and the PDF will differ, just as other applications can produce slightly different layouts, pagination, etc., when moving from screen to PDF or print. Sometimes this can be circumvented by using the direct Print button and “printing” as a PDF rather than using the PDF button. That way, it will be your operating system’s or a third-party’s PDF generator rather than Manager’s. There are no guarantees, however.

Thanks sharpdrivetek

Thanks Tut…

Yup! I am agree with @Tut