Two trading names logo


Would it be possible to add a feature to Manager to have multiple tradings names for one company? With custom themes I can easily change the trading name. However, it is hard to change the logo. If someone knows an easy work around to change the logo on a custom theme please let me know. I would highly appreciate it.

You can change the src of the image (change {{ business.logo }})

{% if business.logo != null %}<td style="text-align: right"><img src="{{ business.logo }}" style="max-height: 150px; max-width: 300px" /></td>{% endif %}

Hi Frankie,

Thank you for your response. I already thought that I should change that part of the code. However, to what should I change it? Where can I save my logos and how should I reference to place where the logo of my 2nd business is located?

For the desktop version you can use e.g. C:\Users\Yourname\BackUp\Manager\logo.png and off course the logo should be placed in that map

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Thank you sir. It works