Set Max Row Height in Custom Theme

I have created a brand new theme custom theme which I am very pleased with. :grinning:

Everything is perfect except for one niggle that I don’t know how to fix because my html coding in tables is not that great. I want invoice date, Due Date, Invoice number in first column and Quote Number and Order Number in second column, similar to the way Business Address Details are in one Column and Invoice Details are in next column.



{% if business.logo != null %}{% endif %}
{{ title }}
            <table style="color: #282f6b; font-size: 14px; margin-bottom: 20px"><tr>
                    <div><b>{{ }}</b> {{ recipient.code }}</div>
                    <div>{{ recipient.address | newline_to_br }}</div>
                    <div>{{ recipient.identifier }}</div>
                    <td style="{% if business.address != null %} {% endif %}text-align: right">
                    {% for field in fields %}
                    <div style="font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 10px">{{ field.label }}: {{ field.text }}</div>
                    {% endfor %}

I have managed the matter further. I managed to get max row height working, but could not get the overflow text to align left or right. I could only hide, show or scroll down!

I think what I need is to be able to set {% for field in fields %} for maximum 3 vertically and tell program to indent the next 3 fields. This would be a better solution rather than having a set line height which may require altering in future. However, I have no idea what html code to set this ident.