Where to get Liquid Support

I have tried asking on Spiceworks, a community that I use a bit, but nobody there is familiar with Liquid. Asked at Stack Overflow, but got no answer. Does anyone know a good forum to use for Liquid Support so that I can customise Manager themes templates. I have done 99% of the changes, but I can’t work out how to make the last two changes.

All I want to do is get invoice date, due date and invoice number to display vertically and then to get PO Number and Quote Number to display vertically to the left of this. The second thing that I am trying to do is get the background colour to cover the width of the text of the longest line.

Or is it possible to completely rewrite the code in theme templates to use HTML instead of Liquid to get it to do what I want it to do?

Play with the default theme codes. Use hit and trial method to place codes somewhere and see the output.
You are asking here someone to write your required code for u, which not the policy here. Other than that users can help u identify codes which impact ur use case but again u have to do hit and trial method.

Liquid is basically a subset of html with some additional commands to query data. If you are familiar to html and some scripting language like asp or php It would be quite easy personalize starting from the standard theme

Not a forum, but the definitive guide on Liquid from the people who wrote it: Liquid template language. There is a link there to a forum of sorts, though you don’t see much, if any, discussion.


I have decided that when I get my CRM developer to do more work on my helpdesk, I will get him to sort this out at the same time. I have already spent an entire weekend designing the template making loads of changes and testing them and I have kind of run out of energy.

I normally get answers on Spiceworks, but I think this particular issue is too unusual as not many people seem to use Liquid. I have looked high and low and it just does not seem like there is much web support for it.

I will get my CRM guy to sort it out as I cannot get the last two things to work. It’s not the end of the world as the new design is working well and I have made 99% of the changes. It is just two things. Although I think the alignment of fields is quite a big issue as a lot of vertical space is being wasted on the page.

Anyway thanks for all the replies.

The issue with themes as they are implemented right now is that they are way too abstract.

The benefit of being abstract is that you can create one theme and it works across all transaction types but they are really pain to customize and understand.

For example, it’s extremely painful even for me to reorder columns on theme. For example for Qty column to come first. This is because due to theme being so abstract, it has no concept of Qty column.

I will be making changes to make themes a lot more easier to read and customize. Liquid markup is not the problem - I think it’s brilliant. The problem is how default theme is written and this is what I want to improve on.

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I like your custom themes working on all transaction types. Don’t change it. What is really good about your abstract is that I can change one form and it works perfectly on all forms such as delivery notes, invoices, payslips etc. It really is brilliant. So don’t change that because it makes sense to have one template working across all transaction types and you only have to maintain one template.

I think the problem may be more that I understand HTML 5 and CSS far better than I understand HTML 4 and tables. Tables are very hard to get text to display where you want it to etc. I also don’t know anything about Liquid so I don’t know the syntax.

It’s just that I am not a programmer, so I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the five field names (invoice date, invoice due, invoice number, po number and quotes to display 3 down and next two in next vertical column down. The problem with 5 field names in one vertical column is the huge amount of vertical space wasted and it pushes the main table with the items much further down. It would be better to have client address on LHS, quote and PO numbers in middle towards rhs and invoice details on far right. I have moved my company address to the bottom as a single line on the footer.

Other people on other forums also seem to have issues working it out. But I think it’s getting that sort of thing to work in a table instead of using CSS and HTML 5. I would normally use float or something.

So please do keep the abstract as it works well, but maybe rewrite to completely remove the tables other than for the main table and use CSS and HTML 5. Tables is no longer a recommended way for HTML to position text which is why it’s not supported in HTML 5