Change the name of "Early Payment Discount" to a custom name

Is it possible to change the of "Early Payment Discount " to a Custom Name? @lubos @Tut @sharpdrivetek

Yes. With a custom theme.

While it would be possible, as @Davide answered, why do it? That is exactly what the feature offers: a discount for early payment. And that is how the practice is referred to in the accounting world.

can u share part of code

yes but people have the liberty to set name as per the location.

Can you share the code please? In the custom theme there isn’t anything about early payment discount.

That is because it is part of the total array. You would need to implement a substitution filter in the loop that displays the totals.

But this is not a coding forum. If you do not have the skills yourself to modify a custom theme, hire a local programmer. Any competent web developer should be able to quickly do such a job.

Find the line where it says {{ total.label }}

And change that to:

{{ total.label | replace: "Early payment discount", "Additional Discount" }}