Custom Invoice

I printed my first invoice since I did a manager update and I can see my custom header in the report and when I PDF it but does not show when I use the print button it does not print it out.

This is not enough information for anyone to help you. Edition? Version number? What are you referring to as “custom header?” What report? And, as you already know, this forum is not the place to debug custom themes, if you are using one.

I am not debuging a custom theme because is shows up on screen and it shows up in PDF view but when I use print when in invoice → view→ print and it prints it does not show the logo or picture.
So it is not my custom theme as it works everywhere else ie PDF and screen view and when I print the PDF it is just when I use the print button in invoice view

As I said invoice

As I said I downloaded the latest version

This does not answer whether you are using a custom theme. The rendering processes for screen, PDF, and print are all different. Forms can display perfectly one place or another and not the second or third. So it matters whether you are using a custom theme, because the engines that render them do not treat everything the same. They are not all under Manager’s control. Some things in a custom theme will look fine on screen, but not print, for example. Your mention of a custom theme suggests you are using one. The problem may come down to an operating system or printer driver issue. Both are beyond Manager’s control.

Is it only the logo that is not showing? If so, the file size is probably too large. Try a lower resolution image. If other images are involved, where are they, and how are they inserted?

Yes, but you also said report. An invoice is not a report. So does this problem occur only for sales invoices? How about purchase invoices? Each is a different transaction form.

That does not help. There have been 6 releases in just the past 24 hours. Which version number are you actually using? And are you using the desktop or server edition? Screen shots and/or scanned images showing the problem would also help.

It does not matter I will just print from PDF. its been printing for the last 3 years right with my custom theme. I just was surprised it did not now.
I just assumed that the releases under desktop edition on the manager web site were the latest one obviously I was wrong.

The releases on the web site are the latest. My point was that saying you had the latest was not helpful because they are superseded so quickly. It’s important to know the specific version.