Problem with printing or making PDF of custom theme

so when I click PDF it comes out like this
a couple of up grades ago it split the picture so I change it in the PDF editor

when I click print and pick ether microsoft print to PDF or my Soda PDF program or even just print to my printer it prints like this

The one thing I hate about manager is the way it prints or handles my invoices theres always alot of mucking around. It was a custom invoice which I paid to have done

Note there is information under Front Desk on both I have just blanked out

I assume you mean a custom theme. As was discussed in the June newsletter, there is never a guarantee that a custom theme that works under one version of Manager will still work in a future version. You are responsible for theme maintenance.

There is also no longer any support for PDF generation. That feature persists as a legacy feature. Basically, if it works for you, go ahead and use it. If it doesn’t, generating PDFs from your operating system or printer driver is a better option.