Business database not valid, desktop version on Windows 10


I am in need of some guidance.
I have used Manager (desktop version) for about 8 years now. I have just bought a new computer (Windows 10).
I saved my database from my old computer (which also uses Windows 10), like I had done the last time I changed computer. I then downloaded and installed Manager on my new computer and added my business (choosing the correct file).

Here is a screenshot of the error message I get.

I looked around in the forum and tried updating Manager on my old computer, which was successful. (I noticed the version I had was really old. 15.something). But when I tried to open my business on Manager, I obtained the same error message. Now I cannot access my database from either the old or the new computer.

Is there a way to convert my old database into SqlLite, which seems to be the format I need?

Thank you in advance.

Here is the solution.

Install version 20.9.89 which will still allow you to import this old database format and will convert to SQLite format.

Release Manager 20.9.89 · Manager-io/Manager.msi · GitHub

Once you’ve done that, you can upgrade to the latest version.


Thanks @lubos, I am doing this right now!

@lubos Thank you so much! It worked and I have all my accounting back! You saved my day!

Hi guys. This worked for me too when I’m trying to recover a customer’s laptop and manager program. He has a .manager file from 23 Nov this year though that says ‘invalid file format’ when I try to import it. I think that’s his latest company file and it looks like an older company file that I can open but I can’t open this one. Any ideas? The latest version of manager gave me thesqlite error which is how I ended up here…

Hi, I have used manager since 2016 and encountered error after updating my Macbook Air (2017) for Big Sur – Manager simply did not open. I have been going through various threads in the forum, but haven’t found much help. After I downloaded and installed the latest version of Manager, I encountered similar issue as listed above for Windows – the backup file does not open.
I followed the instructions as listed above, downloaded the 20.9.89 for mac, installed it, but then another kind of error appeared when I tried to import the backup database:

Does anyone know what could I do to be able to access my company’s data? How can I convert the database into SQLite or any other possible solutions? Thanks so much.

You can send me your business database to and I can have a look why it’s not importing.

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How do I do that? I cannot seem to download and install this?

You were not asked to send a database, @Betsy. First, describe what problem you are having.

I cannot install the manager 20.9.89 on my new IMAC. Thoughts? And thank you for your help!

You need to furnish more information. Why do you say you cannot install it? Did you receive an error message? If so, post a screen shot of it.

Here is the screen shot.

You downloaded the Windows installer. For your Mac, follow the instructions here:

Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager.