Update data file to be compatible with current Manger version

I am using Manager version 22.3.6. (which is quite recent)
I cannot update my data files to be compatible with the most recent manager version.
I cannot find an intermediate version in the public archive of intermediate versions that will allow me to update beyond 22.3.6.
Is there a solution?

What do you mean by I can’t update to latest version

Usually, you just install the latest version and the businesses are converted, if necessary, automaticalky

Can you describe exactly what you have done and what, if any, error messages you get

Thank you.
I was using version 22.3.6.
I updated the program to current version
Now the Manager program doesn’t recognise my back-up files as Manager files and will not open them.
As you say, usually backup files are automatically recognised and can be opened by a more up to date version of the software. Unfortunately, this is not the case with this update.
Any help will be welcome.

Actually, that version is several hundred versions out of date.

What do you mean? Was there an error message? (If so, please post it.) How were you trying to open them, as standalone files or from the Businesses page of the application?

When were the backup files made? If they were made prior to v20.9.89, they will not be converted to the necessary SQLite format currently in use. See this post from the developer: Business database not valid, desktop version on Windows 10 - #2 by lubos.

The version I was using was released in April 2022. It was was version 22.3.6.
The backup file is from April 2022.
This will not open with version 20.9.89, which is much older than my backup file.
(my “back up” file is my main file. It is not so old. Less than six months old. I also have some files from January this year, with the same issue).

There is no error message. The file is not even recognised by the recent version of Manger. ie Manager icon disappears from file when Manager version is installed. The computer cannot then find a program to open it, even though Manager is installed (version

Is there another way?

You have furnished some, but not all of the necessary information. Let’s start by getting the answers to the questions I asked that didn’t get answered. Then tell us why, if this is your main business file, you are trying to open it from a backup. Next, tell us where your application data folder is.

Thank you.
I am trying to open it as a standalone file.
I usually use my Manager files as standalone files (“back-up”) for convenience.
The application data folder appears to be in users\me\AppData\Local\Manager

What operating system are you using?

Windows 11

What happens if you open the business from within Manager?

Ok. Thanks. I can open it by importing it into Manager - so I have recovered the data.
However, the standalone files are still not recognised. Is there a way I can associate them with the program? I cannot find where the Manager program is located to use the “open with” function in windows.

I don’t understand why you do not use the standard method of storing your business files in Manager

Then your businesses are listed when you start Manager

Where do you keep your business files?

They need to have a .manager extension.

It’s wherever you installed it. It sounds like you did not follow the installation instructions for Windows or allow the installer to do its job. But, if you don’t know where the program was installed, how do you launch it? Obviously you did, or you would not have been able to import your “backups”.

They do have a .Manger extension. But the software was not picking this up after the update.

I now found the installation folder:
C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

I have associated the back up files with Manager by using the “open with” function in windows and navigating to Manager. Manager is now detecting the .Manger files automatically and I can open them from my backup folder.

Many thanks, joe and Tut, for your help and patience.

Good that you managed to reconnect with “open with”. However, you did not answer why you are not just starting Manager and then click on the business you’d like to open.