Trying to update from Manager 17.5.0 to the latest version

Every time I try to install it keeps coming up with an error message Invalid Drive:F:
It does not allow me to change it. The program is on an internal drive E: I have installed for just my business software.
Does anyone have a clue how to get around this to install? Thank you.

You have several issues as a result of being, literally, thousands of versions behind.

The first is that the current version no longer includes the conversion script to update to the present SQLite database structure. So you are going to have to update to a somewhat older version first, which will convert your database. Then you will be able to update to the current version of Manager. See this post from the developer: Business database not valid, desktop version on Windows 10 - #2 by lubos

The second is that must surely be more to the error message than you posted. Can you post a screen shot of the entire message?

The third is that you are going to need to find and isolate your business data file in wherever you have moved your application data folder. You will need to know where this file is in order to import it to a functional location. See this Guide for background: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

I have my data backed up on the cloud, and on other drives. This is the whole screen shot. It is not giving me the option to change it to the E: drive. It does not even give me an option to put it where I want which standard would be the C drive.
How would I remove the existing program and then just reinstall it and bring in my saved data? Kind of a funky program. I do not see an uninstall.exe in the program file and but I could uninstall the app through the windows uninstall.
Thank you so much.

You have previously installed manager from the drive letter F: and it is looking for this location now when trying to install the new version.

Open the registry and search for nrg software and delete the entry pointing to

Then make sure you always install manager from say the downloads folder. Never from a removable drive location.

Also update more frequently - I would recommend every 6 months. A lot has changed in three years

Just want to make sure we delete the Path? Thanks.

No thats not where I am talking about although it is interesting that the location there is also f:

I mean in the uninstall section of the registry.

What you could do is backup the registry then delete that path and the path in uninstall. Always backup the registry first

See this guide Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager
Manager defaults to installing the program in an individual users appdata\roaming\manager directory not c:\program files (x86)\manager

It appears you have previously installed Manager on the f: drive and the installer is having trouble finding the old version to uninstall.

Btw if you want to install Manager in c:\program files (x86)\manager run the installer from an elevated command prompt to comply with UAC requirements. See this thread for more information

The location I am talking about is here:


replace numbers with the actual numbers which will be different on each computer. I would backup your data, Backup the registry, then remove Manager completely - file locations and registry settings. Then install fresh and import your backup file.