Restoring data issue

I backed up my Manager data with my windows laptop (manager version 16.x.x) and unable to restore it to my new MAC laptop. So I tried to download latest version Manager on my old windows laptop. Unfortunately, I can’t even open my data anymore, it shown my business database is not valid.

All versions are available at github. To browse versions see:

For v20.9.89, the last version which converts old data files to SQLite database see:

it’s work! thanks a lot

It wont allow me to download version 20.9.89 as it says i have a newer version installed

Then uninstall the old version first. Your data is not stored in the program, but in a separate data file.

I have uninstalled Manager and reinstalled v20.9.89 and have the following …

Shall I now upgrade to a newer version?

please do not double post. Stick to the thread you created for this thread now there are lots of posts there

I’m sorry I wasn’t aware; I was just replying to the emails sent to me.

Thank you for all your help, I now have my data back, although I now have this at bottom of my screen, and I don’t know what to do with it.


Always search the Guides before posting. You will save yourself lots of time and trouble. See Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager.