I can't open the program anymore

Hello everyone,

I’m using this program for quite a while and now I have a major issue. Today I wanted to open the app and it doesn’t respond. I have tried several things but I can’t fix it. Yesterday I updated my macbook. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this issue below:

18.11.68: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): Address already in use
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Bind (System.Net.EndPoint localEP) [0x00043] in :0
at System.Net.EndPointListener…ctor (System.Net.HttpListener listener, System.Net.IPAddress addr, System.Int32 port, System.Boolean secure) [0x00047] in :0
at System.Net.EndPointManager.GetEPListener (System.String host, System.Int32 port, System.Net.HttpListener listener, System.Boolean secure) [0x0009d] in :0
at System.Net.EndPointManager.AddPrefixInternal (System.String p, System.Net.HttpListener listener) [0x0005e] in :0
at System.Net.EndPointManager.AddListener (System.Net.HttpListener listener) [0x0009c] in :0
at System.Net.HttpListener.Start () [0x0000f] in :0
at HttpFramework.HttpServer.Start (HttpFramework.HttpApplication httpApplication, System.Nullable`1[T] port, System.String hostname) [0x000e9] in <9673097189954fe787eac4c1f3971929>:0
at ManagerDesktop.Program.Main (System.String args) [0x0021b] in :0

Thanks in advance!

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Please provide more details.

  1. What was your old macOS?
  2. What is your new macOS?
  3. Which version number of Manager did you install and which type (Desktop or Server)

I would advise to download the latest version of Manager from downloads and install. Make sure that it is the only version in your Mac Applications folder. See if the problem persists.

For your own reference. I can tell from this report that you’re using an old version Manager (v18.11.68).
It has something to do with your network configuration.

@BobDerksen, you are going to encounter several problems. Your old version of Manager is literally thousands of updates behind. The database structure has changed. So any business data files created with it will not open with current versions. (The conversion script was removed in 2020.) So you are going to have to update in two stages. See Business database not valid, desktop version on Windows 10 - #2 by lubos.

But that does not explain any failure of the application to open at all, if indeed that is what happened to you. We need much more information to help. For example, when you say, “…I updated my MacBook,” do you mean you updated software on your MacBook, or did you get a new MacBook? Whatever you mean, did you take any steps to move your business data files? In other words, tell us the entire scenario.

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