Migrate Database from V15 to V20

I’m currently using Manager 15.1.15 with Windows 7. Recently i purchased new laptop with Windows 10 and install Manager 20.10.94. I’m trying backup the database from Manager 15.1.15 and import to Manager 20.10.94 but the system prompt me a message that the database is not under sqlite format. How can i resolve the problem?



Hi Patch, thanks for the support. By the way, where can we download the older version? say Version 19? i thought my existing version is too old, it prompt me same error when using version 20.9.89.

To install an older version on Manager, from memory you need to un-install the newer version (which can not read your data file).

To get the old version of the program go to the second thread shown above. All version for Window, Mac and Linux are on github.

Problem solved. Thanks.