Payslip New Payment defaults to clearing balance

I’ve just updated Manager to v19.2.68 (I updated from 18.6 or thereabouts) and I’ve never had a problem with payslips.
I’ve always created the payslip and then select the new payment button which fills in the correct Net amount to be paid in the New Payment edit screen.
Now, the amount that is defaulted in this edit screen is the balance of the employee clearing account, instead of the amount of the net pay in the payslip.

I should clarify that the amount defaulted is for the particular employee (corrected from “balance of the employee clearing account”)
Bug? or have I missed something in the update of Manager?

I will list this as a bug as the programme is assuming that it knows better then what the user wants:

You have an employee with the following transactions - current payslip and future repayable advance.

Previously, when you elected to pay a payslip

You clicked “View” and clicked “New Payment” and the payment auto filled CORRECTLY

Now when you do the same action, the payment auto fill INCORRECTLY assumes you want to pay the employee balance.

I think it is rather “arrogant” of the programme to tell the user, you may only want to pay the payslip but Manager knows better and this is what you will pay.

Yes, the user could edit the amount, but why should they - their instructions to the programme didn’t create the mistake, the programme’s assumptions are creating the mistake.

In fact, undetected, the programme could cause the employee to be under paid, if the user relies upon the New Payment voucher to make the payment from the bank. Why create this angst with employees.

Increasingly, Manager is taking on the persona that it knows best (e.g. cash v’s accrual basis).

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Thanks for replying @Brucanna.
This new process is very annoying and adds extra unnecessary steps. You now have to remember the amount you are meant to be paying (or press back button to look it up). Not being a ‘numbers’ person, it has caused me no end of grief especially when I made the actual bank payment before making the entry in Manager, an amount which was then incorrect, and which necessitated extra entires to fix up.
@lubos Please fix this!

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Initially the reason for the change was to make users to clear the balance of employee. I’ve seen too many businesses where payslips are issued but payments to employees are posted to some expense account instead of clearing employee account thus doubling up expenses.

In long-term, I was thinking to turn payslip into a statement where all payroll transactions would be automatically included. For example, payslip would automatically show underpayments, payments in advance, advance repayments, expense claims etc. After implementing this “statement-like” payslip internally, I realized it would be a lot more complex to work with for end-users. Currently payslips are “what you see is what you get” and that’s simple.

I still need to find solution so people naturally end up doing the right thing by clearing employee accounts but I came to conclusion, no matter what, New Payment button should auto-fill amount shown on actual document as it works in other parts of the program. So this is now fixed in the latest version (19.11.82).

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Many thanks for fixing this

With the new introduction of custom control accounts (which gave us a chance to create a multiple salary payable accounts), will it be possible for New Payment Autofill to autofill one particular salary payable account (control account) instead of all.

@Drew_Mike, it is not quite clear what you mean. There is no New Payment Autofill feature in Manager. If you are referring to clicking on the New Payment button while viewing a payslip, the program posts the payment to the control account the employee is assigned to. I do not know what you meant when you referred to “instead of all.”

The result is that you could have every employee assigned to a different control account if you wished. And when creating new payments from payslips, every one would be posted to a different control account.

What I mean is that each salary payable (control account) is for different project. Salaries for each project are being paid from the Cash Account of that project.

So I would like each project cashier to use New Payment Autofill for salaries related to the salary payable (control account) of the same project only.

This is poor practice. You will be stuck with those accounts in your chart of accounts forever, long after the projects are over. You will also have to move employees from one control account to another every time they switch projects. It would be better to assign employees to control accounts based on general functions that are always appropriate (design, construction, manufacturing, marketing, administration, etc.) and track projects with tracking codes.

@Tut let’s suppose I used just one salary payable account, how can each cashier use NEW PAYMENT AUTOFILL for the employees that are working for that particular project. When each cashier is paying for more that 100 employees, it is difficult to do it manually.

If have multiple cashiers paying 100 employees, you need a payroll package not Manager

@Drew_Mike, I do not understand what you are asking. As I wrote in my first response, there is no such function as whatever you keep calling “NEW PAYMENT AUTOFILL.”

Regardless of how many salary payable accounts you create, as I already told you, amounts payable from payslips will be posted to the control account to which an employee is assigned. That has nothing to do with the number of employees or manual completion of payslips.

I am beginning to think, however, that what you are actually asking about is bulk processing of payroll, by which you would avoid the need to create payslips and record payments individually. Manager has no bulk processing features.

I assume you have employees whose wages are paid for by various projects?

  • Do your employees work for only one project at time or within one payslip may they be receiving payment from several projects?
  • How are you tracking project costs in Manger, tracking codes or accounts?
  • How are you currently processing the pay and how exactly would you like Manager to help you in the future?

To simplify:

We have several projects, each project in different city, each project has its dedicated employees who are not working on other projects, each project has a separate cash account.
So if want to make payment for payslips, we can make payment for all payslips of all projects as per the below photo:

The question is; would be possible to use the same function in the above photo and to generate payment project-wise since the payment for each project from different cash account?

The only possible way I know now is to do it manually, which frustrating when you have hundred of employees.

I hope I made myself clear.

You have already been told there is no bulk capability.

Thanks for response. Maybe it can be put in ideas category.

Which part of the payroll process are you actually trying to automate

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