Automating calculations in Payslips

Hi guys. After using Manager for a couple of years now, I am setting up my first employee account with all the related payslip details.

I was hoping to find a way to automatically calculate deductions and contributions rather than manually entering the data on each payslip. I’ve not found anywhere to enter a formula (Total pay * 9.5% for example) that can automate this process.

All I can see is the ability to do a batch import which would allow calculation in a spreadsheet, but doesn’t seem to operate for payslips and is impractical for a single employee (so far) anyway.

Is it there and I’ve not looked in the right place, or should it be a feature request?


You are not missing anything. I’ve put this into the Ideas category.

Meanwhile, to the extent useful, either clone a previous paycheck and edit any details necessary, or set up recurring payslips. Probably, neither is perfect, but one or the other may save some work. At least they will help prevent omissions.

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This is assuming that each payslip is for a different - total or irregular pay - otherwise recurring payslips would be available for a constant pay.

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I’m looking into a new software to do our quotes, invoices, accounting, payroll, etc. I’m not an accounting person but this software seems very user friendly and on the surface looks to have what we need.

Except that I can’t input a percentage for deductions, tax deductions, or for contributions etc. Would I be missing something, or should this be calculated manually outside the software. I almost took it for granted that the software would let you assign a percentage to deducted based on the Employee and auto deduct it based on the gross you inputted. Our employees are paid by the hour and are never consistent.

Thank you.

You are not missing anything. The Deductions category of Payslip Items does not have the ability to calculate percentage deductions. You can only enter amounts. But you are the second person in the last few days to ask about this feature. So I’m going to put it into the Ideas category. That provides no guarantee of action, but invites comments from others.

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That would be great. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use it until then. But I like the simplicity of your software and the price point.

If you do look to add it, where I am your taxes are based on income, the more you make the higher percentage the government wants to take. When an employee starts with a company, s/he can pretty much determine how much (percentage) will be taken from her/him by the government form s/he fills out. So even if all employees are making the same amount per hour, they may be in different tax brackets based on individual circumstances.

Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it.

Don’t forget there is always the possibility of using an outside payroll processor, so once every payroll cycle you enter only the summary of the payroll. Manager’s payroll-related features are fairly simple. Many users find outside payroll specialists more convenient. You let the specialist keep up with constantly changing laws, file your payroll-related taxes for you, etc. You use Manager for the rest of your transactions.

It’s food for thought. We are using a quotation and invoicing program now but we want to start doing payroll. Instead of operating two different softwares, we wanted to consolidate into one. But your suggestion is worth looking into.

Thank you.

I didn’t see this in the idea’s category. I do think this would be crazy helpful.

How to use payroll manager?

  1. Welcome to the manager forum, where you will find lots of help ad suggestions
  2. It is better to open a new topic than posting a question in aa two year old thread which will only confuse people
  3. Have you read the guides on how to setup and use the Payslip features of Manager
    Enter employess
    Pay employees
    Setup Payslip items
    Issue payslips
    Setup recurring payslips
    Once you have read the guides, tried the payslips features and still have a question then you can come back and ask a specific question.

The guides are your first port of call

Supporting formulas in form defaults would be a flexible way of implementing this.

  • That way a user could copy a formula into the “Form defaults” and instead of it being set to a static value, the value is dynamically calculated.
  • A “Calculate now” button may need to be added to the bottom of the screen to trigger calculation and prevent circular references locking the program up.
  • I could live with the existing GUID references. They could be upgraded to what ever replaces them in the rest of the program when that happens
  • Formula could be part of localization imports or manually entered.

Done this way I suspect users could use it to automate many other Manager entries such as Cost Price Sale Price Markup Field Idea


Including Depreciation @Patch

Automating calculations in Payslips is not just a matter of counting the number of hours worked. It is about having the program do the math for you. This way, you will not be making errors on a regular basis. The formula “hours worked” will be replaced by a formula “payrate hours worked”. The new formula will show the gross pay and then the net pay. It will also show the net pay per hour worked if the hours are not equal. Again, the end result will only differ if the hours worked are not equal. For example, if an employee worked for 20 hours, and the pay is 25 dollars per hour, the total payment will be 500 dollars. If the same employee works for 40 hours with the same pay, the total payment will be 1000 dollars. Even though the hours are not the same, the end results are the same. What is the formula for Automating calculations in Payslips? The formula is: Gross Pay = Hours Worked X Pay Rate Net Pay = Gross Pay – Tax – Fund Contribution. Net Pay Per Hour Worked = Net Pay / Hours Worked

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Yes, and it could also employee the Liquid language as well since it’s already implemented and I don’t see any need for any fancy custom engine.

Yes, and this would also remove the need for the program to run Liquid interpretation at set trigger points (which may or may not be needed) or additional development for determining whether an interpretation or reinterpretation is required, making the implementation much lighter and faster

Idk what’s wrong with GUIDs, they’re not in the UI and so they should have no effect on the intended development here . Plus, they’re absolutely necessary for the software to run as intended. :thinking:

I don’t agree, especially if this means locking up customization for everyday use. Many companies have specific needs when it comes to payroll and they should be able to fit the software to their needs and not the other way around.

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I dont often agree but you are so right! Nz Payroll laws keep changing and it is hard to keep up more so now covid. so I just get the totals from IRD at year end and pop them in quick easy. let those that specialise do