How to enter salaries or wages for employees individually

Right now we’re just entering the relevant info in the tool. Stumbled upon an issue. Is there any way through which we can enter the relevant salaries of the employees individually with their name so when we pay out we can debit the employees account and credit our bank account. Let’s say we have an employee X. We pay him $100. We want a record in which we have the employees name and salary so at the end of month we debit $100 to his account and credit $100 from the bank. We just want to keep a record on the tool.

Use Payslips tab where you can capture what employees have earned and other payroll liabilities.

Payslip will credit Employee clearing account so when you pay money from bank account, simply allocate the employee payment to Employee clearing account (don’t forget to select an employee) so their balance comes to zero (it means they have been paid what they’ve earned)

Hi lubos, was happy to read this and I thought I followed your explanation, but I must have done something wrong, as I have now amount of the payment showing in the employee clearing account, as minus in Suspense and under wages and salary (which is where it should be, is it?). Any suggestion?

Don’t worry, I found it :slight_smile:

This is too much hassle. I have to deal with over 50 employees meaning I have to pay them from the bank every month and add the salaries manually and every info manually which is not automation. It shall automatically pick up the salary amount/ liability account when it knows the name of the employee.
Any help to fix this?

@aliikhawaja, there are two issues. First you want easier way to create 50 payslips. If employees get paid the same amount each month, you can just use Clone feature to clone their previous payslip. In future there will be other methods to create multiple payslips in bulk. Perhaps I’ll implement a feature called Recurring payslips where you will be able to set them up once and they will be generated automatically like what has been done for recurring sales invoices.

When paying them from the bank account, there will a button on payslip to record such a payment either for single payslip or for multiple payslips in bulk. Alternatively, you will be able to setup Bank rules under Settings tab so Manager would automatically match payments to employees with Employee clearing account.

So yeah, it’s not ideal right now. 50 employees might be a way too much hassle so perhaps Manager is not yet suitable for that many employees due to some yet to be implemented features.

Are these features planned to be released in the coming release? Any timeline on that?
And thanks a lot for understanding the issue.

When running 322 employees, we had a payroll system(software), so accounting only had to deal with final figures. Basically lump sums.
I really thought all companies did it that way.

when i tried to pay the employee clering account it doesnt show as expenses (cost) on projects

Please start a new thread as your issue is unrelated to this 7 year old thread.

In the new thread please show a screenshot of the edit screen of

  1. A payslip which isn’t working
  2. A payslip item used above

Btw have you looked at these guides

Payslips: Set up payslip items | Issue payslips | Set up and manage recurring payslips