Advance Payslips all paid at once

Just a word of caution here - if you enter advance payslips and then try to pay one of them, Manager will populate the Amount field with the total of those advance payslips, instead of the individual payslip amount. Quite annoying.
I’ve raised this before - just thought I would point this out.

A more appropriate course of action, rather than creating advance payslips, is to use recurring payslips so you can create them quickly on a predetermined schedule.

But that doesn’t resolve the bug, of paying payslips that weren’t selected for payment.
I will transfer these posts to the existing payslip bug listing and provide data.

Yes @Tut you are right, but solving the bug is what is urgent now

You have a listing of advance payslips.

You select the next payslip due

Click “New Payment” and the total of all advance payslips is shown, even though they are not due.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.11.80)

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