Batch sending Payslip by Email


Is there a way to select multiple payslip and email at a click of button instead of sending off the payslip 1 by 1?
This is very handy function if we have more than 100 employees in the firm.


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Not currently, but it is planned but not sure when.


Hi @lubos , I agree with @Eugenec . I think batch emailing for Supplier & Customer statements would also need to be able to done, if this feature can be introduced to the functionality of Manager. This is a feature that will be a big time saver and very appreciated if it can be done and very important to give prompt consideration… for example I have to email supplier statements to 50 Suppliers each month which takes roughly 30 mins if batch process could be introduced I think it would take 5-10 mins For 100 employees it must take over 1hr per pay run just doing the emails and errors can easily be made . Also a way to lock in the Customer email for customer receipts would be great, I know this has been explained why this is not possible but would be good to revisit if there could be a way to make it happen, it is a big time saver. easy enough to get around I know but all takes time when doing over 10 of them.

Thanks as always for you consideration on our many requests

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Keenly await this option too. We need to send Invoices and statement to multiple customers in bulk as well.


Great Idea.
we also need it, because we have a bulk amount of suppliers, employees, customers.
day by day Manger increased their functionality, and every day Lubos and others are working for making better software for us. we are thankful. and waiting for more features. especially this feature and Payslip Percentage feature needed urgently.

Click on invoices and then on batchview. Select those you want to print and click print. You then have a whole lot of invoices you can email.

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