Non-Inventory Item Price list report

There is a standard Inventory Item Price list report.

For consistency could we get the same for Non-Inventory items (we have a lot of saleable services defined as non-inventory items).

The (now not so) new Custom reports still don’t support master data reports - all transaction based so could we get a price list for non-inventory items please to address at least?

Thanks for considering.

I put this into ideas.

Meanwhile, copying/pasting/printing the non-inventory items list from Settings works fairly well. You get item codes, names, descriptions, and prices.

Report transformation do provide access to this data, so could be used in the interim. I agree they are a bit more complex to use (but much more powerful). Lubos has suggested he wants to make further improvements to “Report Transformations” (& possibly change the name) so perhaps writing such reports via “Report Transformations” will be easier in the future.

Thanks Patch. Yes, I need to learn more about report transformations. A pity because I had a price list using the ‘old’ custom report function - took 5 minutes to create and grouped everything nicely by my item sales category (a custom field). I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that custom reports functionality gets expanded a little to at least ‘restore’ some of what was lost with the more recent incarnation with respect to master data table access and reporting although I’m not overly optimistic. So, in the meantime I’d be happy to make do with a standard price list report either expanding the current inventory item price list to ‘All item’ price list or a separate Non-Inventory item price list - whatever is quickest and easiest from a developer perspective.

I am also facing the same problem. I have a number of sales services listed in the non-inventory Items area and need a report similar to the inventory Item Price list as well.

I will investigate Report Transformations as I don’t know much about it and hopefully this will work. I also tried to do a custom report but it is not possible to include only some groups as not everything in the non inventory items needs to be on that price list.

Otherwise, I can just export the information to excel.