Custom report amounts are wrong

I have just done a custom report on non inventory Items and the prices are all wrong
heres a screen shot of one of the noninventory Items
and this is how it looks on the report

this is my report set up

I expected it to list the sales price that is with the non inventory Item but I think it has added up all the times I have used that Item

Uncheck the Groups to collapse box.

Also realize that the report is just going to list the 380 sale price you put into the item definition. It is not going to report on sales transactions actually made.

No I dont want it to report on the actual sales amount made
If I dont collaspse them thenit lists them for every date set and no matter what date s I put in there it will either not list some or list them for every date

The closest I have come to is group by sale price and it gives me this which is not ver profesional

I have just seen batch PDF in the noninventory screen that’s a good Idea tried it and its not implemented yet maybe I can use that .Hopefully not to far away

@Wornout custom reports are currently based on general ledger. What you really want is a price list of non-inventory items but that’s currently not possible using custom reports. There are some improvements in the pipeline to custom reports in that area.

@lubos There really is no need if you can finish implementing the batch PDF button in the noninventory screen. Thats what I did in the end I printed to PDF. But the batch PDF button would be so much eaiser as I can then pick and choose what prices I send to who