Course listings as items

I’m trying to move from QuickBooks to Manager. Already Manager looks so much friendlier. We have a small school here in the South Pacific and offer about 45 courses over a three-year period, along with textbooks, and room and board.

It would be very helpful to be able to have the courses listed as items or sales services as well as do some batch invoicing. Today is my first day in Manager, so I haven’t yet tapped its potential.

I love the fact that I can import bank statements, something that I could not do with QuickBooks because our foreign banks do not use the QuickBooks required format.

@IslandPreacher, your post was moved to its own topic because it was not closely related to the one where you posted it. Please read the forum rules in the FAQ.

What you want is easily done with non-inventory items. Read about them in the Guides.

Your goals for batch invoicing are not clear. Read the Guide about recurring invoices and then return to the forum with specific questions if your needs are not addressed.