New reporting engine - Inventory kit

When I extract Inventory kit list I can see only the ones involved in a transaction not all of them.

I thought the new custom report system displays transactions with lots of linked data. As such it probably will not display any data without a transaction (eg supplier, customers, employees, payslip items etc).

Which covers most of an accounting systems relevant data.

But I could be wrong, and others may have a different option on what is relevant in an accounting system

Hi Patch,

the previous reporting tool showed all the inventory kit items independently from the transaction and I used this kind of report. I need this kind of report for my BoD. I’m still using the old reporting tool but I understood that @lubos wants to disable it. So, since he asked if we can reproduce all the old reportings, the answer is no.

BTW I also find very useful to have all the inventory kit items involved with transactions. It saves me a lot of time with other reportings.

So we should have both of them. In the end it’s only a matter of the JOIN you use in a SQL query: an INNER or an OUTER JOIN.

Previous custom reports on inventory kits could give you inventory kits only with no figures. How was that useful at all?

Anyway, can you be more specific as to what report you are trying to construct?

Dear @lubos,

I use Manager for real estate projects. Tipically each real estate project (a building) is one inventory item. Quantity is the amount of square metres of each building. During development we add CapEx to the inventory item.

In order to map each apartment of the building we use inventory kits. Each kit, which is refered to one inventory item (and is disabled once sold), has its sqm, sale price and many other attributes, cadestral and not, to classify it (a sort of DB of the apartments) that are mapped through many custom fields:

this is just a part of the custom fields

With the old reporting tool I got a report of all the assets (the apartments) in this database with their attributes:

with this result:

With the new one:

I got only the sold ones since they are linked to a transaction (a sale):

So, under my point of view, I cannot get the same report which is a must for my job with the new reporting tool.

BTW, as I said, I need also the new report that I get now since it will save me a lot of time: I manually insert data of the buyers into the inventory kit before disabling it to have a full map of its story into this DB. Now I can skip this process since sales (date, buyer, selling price and so on) and inventory kits are linked.

I’m a bit confused. Your inventory kit has lots of general database fields, and the inventory component appears subtle.

Is an inventory kit the optimal place to put all this data. You appear to be using it as a sales quote, but perhaps the functionality you are using would not be available in Manager if Managers quotes were used.

I’m using inventory kits (apartments, garages and so on) to subdivide a single inventory item (a building). All the attributes are linked to the single inventory kit (by law as we are talking of cadestral data).

Usually an inventory kit is an aggregation of different inventory items. So it’s a slightly different approach but it’s very functional for the way we have to work and to comply to the requirements of our national law.

But this was just a description for @lubos to explain why it will be a huge problem for us if this kind of reporting is dismissed. I’ve been using Manager this way since three years ago and it works very well and I will not change our way of working.

What I will be missing with the dismission of the old custom reports is the possibility to do reporting on the whole inventory kit.

Keep in mind that this kind of reporting will be missed for all the typologies of static data that are not linked to a transaction. So it will be a huge problem for everyone.

I must say you are very creative to fit the entire building / apartments model into inventory framework. My first thought was that this is not what inventory items are meant to be used for but thinking it through I see no reason why not. The mechanics are the same.

The issue here is that you want custom report to show inventory kits which haven’t been part of any transaction.

New custom reports are built with assumption that every piece of information entered into Manager is either a transaction or something that is connected in some way to a transaction. If this assumption is correct, then any data in Manager is possible to extract using custom reports.

In your case, inventory kits which haven’t been sold are not connected to any transaction so they are invisible as far as custom reports are concerned.

I want custom reports to have access to sales quotes, delivery notes, purchase orders, goods receipts, sales orders, inventory transfers etc… so non-general ledger transactions too.

One way you could make unsold inventory kits visible to custom reports would be to use them perhaps on sales quote. For example, when you create new batch of inventory kits, you could put them all on sales quote. So you’d have one sales quote per building listing all apartments. If sales quotes are visible to custom reports as transactions, then inventory kits would be visible too.

Is this workable?

Not so much, it would be a workaround.

First of all I have something like 500 inventory kits in some businesses. So creating a sale quote with 500 lines would be a big job.

Secondly I would like to understand what would happen when I sell one of them. Should I delete the line of the sale quote in order not to have a duplicate on the report?

I make a different hypothesis, how about leaving only these kind of reportings in the old tool?

Not necessary because Group by function can group inventory kits so each one is shown exactly one.

I don’t see the point. If all you want is a list of what you have entered, you might as well use Export function. Also, there will be new report transformation implementation which will allow you to get list of all inventory kits too. This will require some light programming but nothing too complicated. So either way, there is going to be solution for you.

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Thanks a lot. I trust your solutions. I only ask not to delete the old reporting until they will be fully implemented and working.

I have know idea if it would help but the:

  • From … General Ledger Transactions

option could be removed from the “Custom Reports (obsolete)” as the new “Custom Reports” completely superseded it in my opinion. That would leave the static data, however doing this may hold you back more than just leaving it.

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That’s a good proposal

Dear @lubos, any solution for this reporting issue?