New implementation of custom reports available

Until I get the new implementation working property, there will be two custom report variations:


Major differences

  • I’m removing From field from custom reports. Custom reports will be centered around transactions. All data which is entered in Manager are transactions and if they are not transactions (e.g. customer record), they are connected to transactions. For example, if you need custom report which shows balances of customers, you are still building a report which summarizes transactions by customer.
  • When selecting fields, the previous implementation was an endless list of attributes, inner attributes, inner inner attributes… you get the idea. New implementation shows more compact approach. For example, to select Name field under Bank Account, you first select Bank Account, then Name field. In other words, every single select box has sane number of options and I’m looking further to implement so only those which are actually used in your database are shown.
  • You can Group by by multiple fields.
  • There is now checkbox to collapse groups which will give you totals per group only.

But most of all, the new implementation has a lot more data exposed so you can do more interesting combinations. For example, if you want to see qty totals sold by inventory item then by customer, here is the custom report for that:


Obviously if you have custom fields, you can come up with even more interesting reports.

Anyway, let me know what kind of report you want to generate and let’s figure out how to make it possible using this framework.


Thanks for this update

Can we have a report of non inventory items
1 qty purchased and sold
2 qty with supplier and customer name

I fixed something to make this possible in the latest version (20.6.11)

Here is how you would do it for customers.




If you want it grouped by Non-Inventory Item then by Customer, just change the order under Group by... when setting up custom report. Also, you should add Date filter to indicate for which period you want the report for.

I think one improvement I can see is to allow user to multiply by one on custom report if necessary.

Just tried new custom report engine. Am I missing something? I am not able to “add line” for “where”, “order by” and “Group”.

Also, nothing happens when I click “Create”.

V 20.6.12 Windows 10

@AJD the latest version (20.6.13) is fixing this issue.

Thanks, is working now.
Recreated one of my reports that is in old engine and totals match.
At first I was concerned about there being no Grand total at the end of the expanded report, but then realized it can be obtained in the collapsed report.
It would be good to be able to also filter by “Chart of Accounts” “Group”.

It will be available in non-collapsed report too.

Thanks for the update. I’m trying to create a custom Tax Transaction Report but I cannot understand how can I make it.

Under select I think that there should be not only the possibility to choose “Sales Invoices”, “Purchase Invoices”, “Credit Notes” and “Debit Notes”, but also a more generic “Invoice” option that groups all those four typologies for this kind of reports.

I took the opportunity also to propose one idea for this four “Tabs”. I think there should be a possibility for those four to define and use shared “custom fields”.

Can you describe what you want this report to show?

A report similar to Tax Transactions report with custom fields shown and that works as filters and as groupers.

In the Italian specific case, as already told, I can anticipate the competence of some invoices/notes. So I created a custom field with the competence period (in my case VAT is monthly so I have a dropdown with 1M2020, 2M2020 and so on) and one with a flag if the competence is anticipated (drop down with yes or no).

My report should show the tax transactions values with these personalizations:

  1. I should choose all the invoices/notes not by date but by competence period (in the old custom report I achieve this through “tax code is not empty”)
  2. I should group first the normal one and then the anticipated one and secondly each invoice (I do this through excel since it’s a nested grouping)
  3. I should show some custom fields that I assigned to the invoices/notes (done through select).

Since these additional fields are common through all the four Tabs that’s why I’m asking to have custom fields that works through all these four tabs which shares a lot of data.

Here is a screenshot of what I partially achieve through the old custom report (the rest of the work is done in excel):

Overall the new custom report system looks very good to me.

Description and Transactions

Is the equivalent of “Description” and “Transaction” available in the new system, or do I just need to be patient?

I currently have some difficulty understanding how display of “Description” works in the new custom report system.
In the old system "Description appears to look in several places across multiple transaction types.

The terminology for this is a little confused in Manager as

  • A journal entry has a “Narration” for the whole transaction and a “Description” for each line item

  • A receipt / payment or Sales invoice or Purchase invoice or Debit note or credit note has a “Description” for each line item and also a “Description” for the entire transaction.

  • In the new custom report system I can only see how to display the transaction level “Description” / “Narration” and only in a different column for each transaction type

I’m not sure what the preferred solution is.

Income and expense Accounts

  • Are COA accounts display (“Setect…”) and search able (“Where …”) as I haven’t been able to find it it the variable tree yet?

  • I would like to be able to select “Income” accounts or “Expense” accounts

but perhaps that is what was already mentioned earlier

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Hi @lubos will you consider to implement this,

Create a overview from purchase invoice lines


Purchase invoice lines are now exposed.

Can we get depreciation amount . report so far

I have created a custom field in the “Purchase Invoice - Line” application. Please advise if it is now possible to create a custom report to display the individual lines on Purchase Invoices that would include the Account Name, Account #, Invoice Line Description, Qty, Unit Price, Amount, as well as my Custom Field?

Try it and see. Let the forum know.

I have been trying for a few hours now but i can’t get it to work. So if anyone knowes how to, please let me know.

@Frankie transaction lines are not yet exposed in this new implementation but I will add it sometime today.

Thanks @lubos that would be great.

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