Lost everything. Help Please. I am desperate!

I have the desktop edition which is used to keep the accounts for a charity. All worked perfectly for past few years.
I am using Windows 10
Suddenly today Manager was missing from my computer and the only backup was from 2 years ago.
Fortunately I did a backup a couple of weeks ago and saved it to my Dropbox account.
So I re-downloaded Manager and it will not install. Well to be more accurate it installs but will not open. It brings up an error saying “Manager has been changed or Removed”
I have uninstalled and re-installed 6 times. Same result every time.
OK I have an old computer which has Manager so I dug it out and Manager opens fine but the files are 2 years old. So I try to open the back-up that I made and stored on Dropbox.
I get the error Incorrect File Type.
The file is name.manager and the file type is listed under properties as Manager

You can not open a recent company file with an old version of the program. Try installing a new version of the program on your backup computer. That should at least allow you to access your information.

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Are you sure you are opening the actual newly downloaded and installed program and not trying to open it with a shortcut that is pointing to the removed program?

That often refers to the shortcut and not the program itself. Try clicking on the Start button and typing Manager. Click on Manager at the top of the list. Does that work.

Thank you! I reinstalled Manager on the old computer and it happily loaded my backup. So at the very worst I am going to have to re-enter 18 days not 4 years data.

Tried that without success. Am now running System Restore to see if I can somehow recover the file

Has an antivirus programme recently updated ?
On your win 10 computer, try doing a restore point that was created prior to yesterday.
Alternatively, uninstall Manager and do a disk defrag and try a re-install.

The main point to remember, any if the programme has gone your data files haven’t, they are stored separately from the programme. if you search windows explorer for .manager (note the dot) files this will show their location.

Let us know if System Restore works. An take note that of what @Brucanna says, your up to date data file is still on your computer somewhere.

System Restore produced a message saying that the restore failed. It suggested I try another date but that also failed.
Yes, my anti-virus updates every day. I am running Kaspersky.
I have uninstalled Manager. Run C Cleaner to check it is fully removed from the Reg. Re-downloaded and installed it.
It looks as if it is installing. Opens for about 1 or 2 seconds max then shuts itself down and says “Manager has been changed or Removed”
Very odd.
Brucanna. Thanks for your suggestion. May I ask how a defrag will help? I am sure you are right but I am curious.

Can you turn off Kaspersky while you install and open Manager? See:

And here is a post about excluding Manager from Kaspersky:

Yes that sounds like what I am experiencing. I have submitted a help request to Kaspersky but if anyone else has found, or finds, a solution please tell me.

See the edit of my post

Thanks that sounded like a good idea but sadly it will not install. Well, it pretends to install but then I get the message saying it has been moved or changed and can’t be found.
I am wondering if,once kaspersky is paused, the Windows Defender jumps in and is also blocking Manager

Is there any way we can actually contact the folk who supply Manager? I feel sure that they would be interested and have some suggestions.

If you think that Kaspersky is the problem, you should try uninstalling it and restarting your computer. Only then will Windows Defender start protecting your machine.

Before doing that, you may want to find the data file and transfer it to your old machine so that you can keep working.

The developer monitors the forum, so he will see your suggestions.

Many thanks.
You have been really helpful and I greatly appreciate it.
I am now going to stop trying to re-install for a while and embark on a treasure hunt for my missing data file.

To find your data:
Open file Explorer, click the File menu and then “Change folder and search options”.
Click the View tab, and then click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. Click Ok.

Now open your C: drive;
Open the Users folder;
Open the folder corresponding to your user name;
Open the AppData folder;
Open the Local folder;
Open the Manager folder.

There you will find a least one file with a long alphanumeric name, and ending in “.manager”. One of those is your data file. It probably has yesterday’s date.

If there is more than one, just copy all of them.

Put the files on the desktop of your old machine. Open Manager, click the Add Business button, and then Import Business. Browse to your desktop, and then import the alphanumeric file.


You are a STAR!
I have found them.
I would never have found them without your help.
Can’t thank you enough.
At least I can work on the old computer. (I am uninstalling Kaspersky from it and will install a free anti-virus)
Hopefully, the Kaspersky / Manager conflict can be solved and I can then resume work on my actual machine.
Disaster averted thanks to your kind help.
When I eventually re-install Manager should I first delete that Manager folder? Could that be causing problems?
Again my heartfelt thanks

I don’t think deleting the folder will help. I don’t think it will hurt either.

And take note: Manager stores the data file it is using in the AppData/Local/Manger folder. So the files you put on the desktop for importing will not contain any changes you make to your business data.

So when you wish to transfer you data from the old computer back to the new one, use the Backup button. Move the backup file to the desktop of the new machine, and then import it.

Finally, we all need a backup protocol. If you can not afford to loose one day’s data, then you should backup every day. Make it a priority.

This is false positive in Kaspersky anti-virus. The only way to resolve this issue is to report it to them so they can fix it.

See: https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/general/1870