Installation Issues - Malware v16.12.56 DeskTop?

I have emailed a bug report several days ago. I have tried several times to download and install the newest version of Manager Desktop v16.12.56 My internet security (Kaspersky) goes into meltdown advising that the file contains malware and disinfects the files and removes the manager application file from the system. I tried to install with security turned off - that was fine and the program opened but as soon as turned security back on and tried to load Manager several windows opened one saying it was in in use by another program and other that the file path had changed or the file had been deleted.

I uninstalled Manager and then I have successfully reinstalled the last version I have which is v16.12.11 and I have had no problems.

Hoping for some assistance with this issue.

Search the forum. There is another discussion currently about Kaspersky AV. This is not a Manager problem.

Thanks Tut. I’ve found that thread and there isn’t a fix at this stage. So I have re-installed an older version v16.12.11 and that install and operates without any issues.I have also contacted Kaspersky to advice of a potential false positive.