Error: managerdesktop.exe has stopped working

Since this morning I am getting an error message “managerdesktop.exe has stopped working” when I try to launch the Business Manager.
I have been using Business manager since 2 years without any issues. Recently I got a new Laptop with Windows 10 (x64), prior to this I was using the Manager on Windows 7. I took back up and migrated to new laptop and till date it was working fine. But today it won’t open.
Few Details:

  1. OS windows 10 (x64)
  2. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro (Have added the program folder to the exclusion list)
  3. Tried Installing the newer version
  4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program
  5. Tried deactivating the Antivirus and run the program
  6. Tried installing to a differ folder in a different drive

After doing all these steps I am getting the same issue and I can’t open the program.

Please help!

Thanks for your help in advance!

Perhaps windows or another programme has had an update which maybe causing a conflict (?).

You could see if a Restore Point has been created recently and Restore that point to see if that rectifies the situation. Having done an “uninstalling and reinstalling” may have polluted that (?).

Alternatively, uninstall Manager and run disk defrag and then re-install in case a hard drive sector which contains Manager has become corrupted.

Thank you for your quick response. I haven’t installed any programs (other than the antivirus, but it was working fine with the antivirus) or Windows update as I have set it to manual download. Let me try the disk defrag and see if it works.

Thanks a ton!

PS: I tried to boot into safe mode and tried opening the program but got the error message “System.PlatformNotSupportedException v 17.5.39; Operation is not supported on this platform.”

I uninstalled manager, completed Defragmentation and re-installed the manager but the same issue, “managerdesktop.exe has stopped working”. Is there anything else I can do to make it work?


try uninstalling and then clearing any registry errors using freely available software like Ccleaner from piriform… and then reinstall…

I will need to improve the error message so it gives more context. You could try to install server edition which should give more detailed error.

I did a registry cleanup and reinstalled the manager program, same issue.

Thanks Lubos, but in Server edition I will have to host it on a server and I don’t want to do that. I want to work on it in offline mode.

You can install server edition on any computer. The purpose of this is to get more information. Server edition will likely fail to run too but it will give more detailed error so we can figure out why desktop edition doesn’t work.

Thanks, I will install the server edition and update you on the same. Thanks again.

Lubos, the server edition is working like a charm and I can access the business panel and also see all the data. Do you have any advice on how to make it work through desktop version.

Thanks again!

I will need to modify the program so the error message gives more context. Use server edition for the time being and try new version of desktop edition sometime tomorrow. You should see more extensive error which you can then post here.

Thank you once again. Really appreciate your help! I will try with the new version later and see if it works.

I have exactly the same problem

what error message are you receiving? try posting a screenshot

Error: managerdesktop.exe has stopped working

As Lubos suggested a workaround can be done till we have a complete solution to the issue. You can download the server edition for Windows and extract it. Launch the ManagerServer and it will open the port. Once that’s done, open a browser and visit and you can login to your account. The default password is blank, so just click on login.

You don’t need to download the server edition, its located in the Manager programme folder.

Lubos wrote - You can install server edition on any computer

Ohh… My bad, sorry!