Manager opens then immediately shuts down

Just downloaded the newest version of Manager 16-10 and when I open it, it briefly opens and then disappears, (in maybe a second). The icon then reports the item the shortcut refers to has been deleted or moved. . . . ). Using Win 7 HE and McCaffee Antivirus Plus. Any suggestions. . . . was able to open my datafile through by using the server edition as recommended to a similar issue.

Many thanks

Right-click the icon and select ‘Properties’, then look for the ‘Target’ field.

What does that field say … and if you visit that folder, can you see the file there?

You should open McAfee, go to the Quarantined and Trusted Items, and restore ManagerDesktop.exe. See McAfee’s help if you need guidance.

The latest update of Manager Desktop Edition is 17.7.80. Use the link at the top of the forum to download.

You must have downloaded from a 3rd party distribution site. These are notorious for outdated and corrupted software.

Thank you for your reply. . . my bad. . . it was version 17 not 16. . . looking in quarantined items and no evidence of manager. . . might try uninstalling it and see if that helps

C:\Users\Eric\AppData\Roaming\Manager\ManagerDesktop.exe Which is where the program was installed. . . and manager is not there

Try installing Manager again, but before opening the program add ManagerDesktop.exe to McAfee’s trusted list.

Also, do you have any other anti-malware programs running?

Thank you for your suggestions - uninstalled Mcaffee and spybot and turned off Windows Defender. . don’t seem to have any other virus programs then restarted etc. . . watched Windows Explorer as I reinstalled Manager and saw the manager icon appear, last about half a second and then disappear . . very strange . . .

Just a thought. . . is there a log file anywhere that mih show what is happening?

It’s been a long time, but I recall having to undo the Immunization before uninstalling Spybot or else somethings did not return to normal. If you had used Spybot’s Immunization, you may need to re-install Spybot and then undo the immunization.

From your description it seems that there is something running on your computer that deletes the exe file after it is installed. There does not seem to be a problem with the Manager installer. You may need to consult a technician to track down the problem.

Problem resolved - sort of. . . . . managed to get a copy of Manager.exe to stay long enough, (copied it temporarily to the desktop), to adjust the properties to read-only and run as administrator which seems to prevent it form being deleted. Hopefully something will come along and ask to delete the file which will identify what is deleting it. Thank you again for all your support and help . . . great program. . .