Manager stopped working

I haven’t installed any programs onto my PC, Iv’e uninstalled and reinstalled and program still not working.
I don’t get any error messages at all.

You need to provide more information. Something changed. Did you rename or move any files? Is there any response at all after you install and launch? “…program still not working” is fairly vague.

How about you try to install server edition? Server edition will always show some error if there is an issue so that could give some pointers at what’s wrong.

When I try to open Manager there is no response not even a error message. I’m the only person on my laptop and I haven’t made any changes to my system or filling.

The above is a message I get when trying to access the server edition.

Now that I’ve installed Server edition I’ getting this massage when trying to access desktop version.

Below is n now the latest reply that I’m Getting.

If you are on windows, try doing a restore point for a date prior to the issues.
Also, if windows 10, have you search to see if you have any Lavasoft software installed, if yes delete.

I tried to restore but no success, I do have Win 10.
How do I find lavasoft software?

Yeah, this is common issue on Windows 10. You have incompatible software installed on your computer. Uninstalling that software (you will need to figure out which one it is) will fix your issue with Manager.

See another topic which will give you pointers how to troubleshoot this.

First go to control panel and have a peek, or windows explorer and do a search.
The thing to remember is that your data files are not lost as they are stored separately from the programme.

It appears that something has got it’s wires crossed, so try this - if following Lubos post doesn’t succeed:

  1. Uninstall Manager, via control panel and check that the below folder is empty, then delete folder.
    C:/users/(user name)/appdata/roaming/Manager

  2. Run Disk Cleanup - this will cause the disk to be re-organised.

  3. Download new version of Manager - don’t re-run existing downloaded manager - toes crossed.