Manager won't!

Hi everyone. Manager worked fine until recently. I did a system reset and all was well, system and manager was updated and working. My system started to move slow shortly after reset so i did a virus scan and 1 virus was found. I was moving fast and deleted the virus so im not sure if the virus was related to manager. Since then, everything still works fine except manager. It wont open. It appears as tho its going to open but nothing happens. I did another system reset (windows 10) and it’s still the same. My backup is not up to date and i have records I do not want to lose. If i re run manager as a fresh install will I loose my records? What can i do to get it open? Thanks.

Just try to install Manager again. Installing, uninstalling and upgrading won’t affect your data.

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I installed the updated version of manager. It works fine but I want to share my information with my co-worker on their computer. How do I do that?

Hello anyone to help

I installed the updated version of manager. It works fine but I want to share my information with my co-worker on their computer. How do I do that?

I Just reinstalled it but it still wont open…

I also ran a repair and still not opening. Something is preventing it from opening and Im not sure what

Please don’t post twice with the same question. It won’t get any faster attention. If you want multiple users, you need the server or cloud editions.

You need to provide more information: edition, version, operating system. Do you get any error messages?

How do i find those information? yes i got error messages

Edition means desktop, server, or cloud.

For version, click on About Manager on the top menu bar. If you can’t open at all, what is the approximate date you downloaded the application?

For operating system, I mean Mac, Windows, Linux…

Can you copy and paste the error message? Or better yet, post a screen shot using thesymbol in the menu bar of the reply space for this forum.

me too. Only I updated to the most recent desktop, simply updated on a working and fucntional install. I cannot get any joy doing anything opening bus, removing bus. Nothing works. Looking to uninstall and repair.

Desktop edition, windows version, i’m using windows 10 OS. No error message. When i try to open, it comes up in task manager where it begins to process then it disappears. Launch is incomplete, It cannot open…I downloaded the software again today

@terryannscott1, uninstall Manager from your system. Then install again. See if it fixes the issue.

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@terryannscott1, @Lexy_Haughton, @Heidi

If uninstall and re-install doesn’t resolve your situation?

Why don’t you do a “System Restore” for a date prior to your problem occurring.
For how to: Recovery options in Windows
then scroll down and click on first sub-heading

If manager starts working, the first thing to do is backups and note edition under About Manager
Then download latest edition

I already did that and it did not work

I did a system reset as no restore point was created. Did not work

@terryannscott1, can you find the folder where Manager is installed? It should be:


Check it has Manager files in it. When you uninstall Manager, the folder should be completely empty or gone. If it’s not, remove it manually and install again.

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i found the location at c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Manager. I deleted folder and reinstalled. Still does not work

OK, can you get server edition working on that PC?

See: Windows

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