Importing transactions via CSV

I am new to Manager. My client has a lot of entries in spreadsheets. I would like to know if there is a function in Manager to import transactions to individual ledgers instead of keying in one transaction at a time. I have searched the forums without any result.

Batch update ( Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager) might work

Why do you want to import these transactions?

Usually when migrating a set of accounts, you would start with closing balances from the previous year, setting them as opening balances, and then enter the transactions for the current year

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@Joe91 is correct, in Manager this is done via Batch create. To understand the detailed formatting required enter some data manually the use Batch update to see what batch create would have been required (which is the same as Batch update except has no Key field.

Most tabs in Manager corresponded to a database table. Order the data import to ensure you start with non dependant data, then importing data which references already entered data.

For further in formation
A forum search is a good place to start, such as Search results for ‘Quick books import’ - Manager Forum

The advantage of doing so is summarised here Can I import data from Quicken? - #6 by Patch

For how to do it see this post How to import data from other accounting software - #6 by Patch

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Thank you, both.