How to import data from other accounting software

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Can Manager import data from other accounting software? What format are supported (my current one use xml)? I Download the desktop app and play around, but I don’t see any place to upload attachments, is Manager capable to hold “digital archive”?

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You can use batch update feature and Spreadsheets for import or export.

Hi, welcome to the forum. As a new user it’s recommended to start by reading the Guides and to Search the forum by using the :mag: in the top right corner for similar topics as most questions are already discussed and answered. Another recommended option is to start by creating a test business.

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Where can I find the batch update?

As suggested, read the Guides.

These posts may help

Create a transaction then view it. A button to attach a document will then show at the bottom of the screen.

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Read the Guide about attachments. @jimmymcheung, almost everything you have asked in your many recent posts is covered in the Guides. They should always be your first resource.

wouldn’t they have to set up their chart of accounts first. as we can not import/batch update/create that

Yes, but that is not what was asked about.

No But they are talking about importing their data from another accounting package and I was asking if they would have to do the chart of accounts first as its no good importing all the data when it does not match the chart of accounts .I was wondering if it was easier to do that first. Trying to be helpful as that is what the forum is about