Batch export and batch import of data

Dear Sir,

I am trying to upload the data in batch operations as i have never used any accounting system except urs we have been using excel as our accounting platform, Having said that i am trying to update the receipts and payments sections with a batch create but then when i copy from the clipboard section to excel i have a lot of headings to update in excel of which even though entered doesn’t show any data input after the batch create. While this is a bit of something, i would like to tell you that if we enter data individually and want to export, even with the batch export the data is pretty simple with minimal headings and when the same exported data is used to batch create to check we don’t get the entire data which we gave as input individually. this a bit amusing for me as the data we input after an export doesn’t give the same data after an import.

This being enquired the other major issue for a newbie like me is we usually most of the time in the manual entry of the data we might skip some hardcopy invoices due to misplacement but then again when we enter the missing hardcopy invoice into manager the reference no’s get disordered even though we check it to be automatic so for example i am posting a pic from my payments and receipts below kindly check .

if u can observe there are two receipts dated in 21/11/18 and 24/11/18 which we unfortunately missed during the regular entry and have to update it later but then the reference numbers are disordered and i don’t see a way for correcting them easily rather than only edit each and every entry from top to bottom. so plz kindly help. thank u for the great support.

Let me make several points:

  • There is no such thing as Batch Export in Manager that compares to Batch Create or Batch Update. The export function only exports what is visible on the screen, which is not everything pertaining to transactions that is in the database.
  • Many of the inputs required for batch operations are hexadecimal GUIDs. The only way to know what those are is to make sufficient manual entries that, when making a Batch Update, you can correlate them to known inputs. This is definitely not a simple task.
  • Based on what you wrote, you seem to misunderstand automatic numbering in Manager. The program will not fill in sequencing. Read this Guide: Use reference numbers | Manager.
  • To renumber existing transactions, you can use Batch Update and various functions in your spreadsheet program.
  • Perhaps most important, there is seldom any purpose in trying to load historical accounting data into Manager. You should enter a start date and starting balances and go on from there. Keep your old spreadsheets in case it becomes necessary to refer to old data. Read this Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.