Journal Entry Data Import


I want to ask if there is a feature where the user can import data, specifically Journal Entry. Something like, a user can create a csv of excel file (will be imported to csv) of journal entries, and then import it on managers app. So, user can add journal entry faster.


No, besides Journals should be rarely used, only for making adjustments - not day to day transactions.


I am new to manager and looking to populate my data which was traditionally on excel.
I see there is a post to discourage the use of journals. What is the recommended practice ?

What is the easiest way to migrate from ‘Excel based accounting’ to manager ?

If you are just concerned with the current year’s accounting, then setup your chart of accounts and enter the starting balances. Then continue with the entries for the current year.
See here

If you want to have prior year accounts for comparison, then they can be entered en bloc using a journal entry and the starting balances from the first year.
See here but you will have to include B/S accounts as well

It is going to be a manual entry

Thanks Alot Joe.
I’m a startup and will therefore just avoid the journals entirely and work with receipts & payments section for now.