Import from excel

Good Day

We recently bought the company.
The previous people had everything on Excel, how do I import all the correct stock accounts as well as the debtors, creditors, transactions.
Does this help?

That depends on what you are trying to achieve - add a new business separately or incorporate the business within an existing business

Hi Joe,
I want to incorporate the business within the existing business.

The Batch Create process can be used to add customers, inventory items, etc and transaction data

Whether it is simpler to add the entries manually or via the Batch Create will depend on the volume, complexity and the ease of manipulating the existing data in Excel to get it into the correct format.

The simplest way to test thhs is setup a test business and carry out tests there. The test business could be a copy of the existing business using an impirt of a backup

Hi, what format do i use?

That is explained in the guide I linked to

The best way is to create one of each entity manually and then use batch update to see what fields you will require

Thank you