How to add a signature to the Invoice Template

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Hi Sir,

Thanks for your help, again i have modified with this code as below

Myebuy Enterprise

Authorised Signature
Customer Signature

How do i edit the font size and make it bold, thank you.

Look at any online reference for HTML syntax.

please can you tell me in details, how you apply this???


please tell us where to put this code !!!

You have to edit the theme. If you do not have the necessary programming knowledge, it is recommended to hire a local programmer.

Can you please tell me how to add my scan signature in this box .

You add the image as a URL for a location the program can access.

how ?
With in html tags or there is any option to upload my signature ?

Please search the forum. This topic has been addressed many times.

Forum’s Search engine is your friend.

Hello. Can you share the code for two boxes in the same line?

Would you please send in details with screen shots, how to make this ?

@Sutra, you have asked the same question in two threads. Please do not double post questions. That makes it less likely you will get an answer. Further, this is not a coding forum. If you do not have the skills to write a custom theme, hire a local programmer.

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I tried to solve the two box in the same line . here is the code:


  • All Products are verified against physical damage prior to dispatch and hence Flyby Agro will not be liable for compensation for damage after dispatch
  • Goods Sold are accepted by the customer under good condition & will not be taken back


for Customer
authorised signature
for Flyby Agro
authorised signature

Use tables not DIVs. On screen div’s will work but not on print or pdf.

Thanks For your Reply. DIVs work fine in ‘Form Default’

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So compare, both codes. As I stated before. Divs will work just fine on screen. The problem will appear in PDF export as far as my experience.

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You are 100% right . really thanks . as I know nearly nothing about html coding i am trying to change the code. could you please help with the table ?