How to decrease the gap between signature box and the footer note?

before updating the manager it was perfect as shown in the picture below

and the code i was using in the Notes Tab is as follows

I want the invoice to be looking as like the first picture(older one). do i need to change anything for acheiving it ?

bold text not appearing in the description section of sales invoice too
**data ** will bring bold text in description section of invoice previously but now its not working - what should i do to bring the bold text in the description of invoice ??

Thank you for the incredible work you people are providing

To make text bold, instead of typing **This is computer generated**, type:

<b>This is computer generated</b>

To remove space between the box and the Autorized Signature, put the Authorized Signature text right after the end of </div> tag so it’s on the same line (not on new line)

sir i wanted the “this is computer generated” text in like shown below - it appears to be like this in older version

sir i done as per your instruction and seen that the space between the margin line of the box and the text differs in top compared to the bottom-

i have attached a screen shot of that

Thank you once again for the valuable effort to make this software a game changer