Add footer or change existing footer

where can add my html code

Customers are requested to check the goods at the time of delivery.
No claim for any shortage or damage will be accepted once goods are delivered

Please issue the cheque in favour of the account given below

Account Details

I / We hereby certify that the information on this invoice is true
and goods mentioned above are received in good condition

Receiver’s Name and Signature

Issued By

these can be implemented with the help of custom fields.
read the guides regarding this.
also, these have been discussed many times on the form before. please search the forum for more details.

I added my html code in custom field but unable to use the custom fields in template , I used {{ custom_fields[‘Footer’] but it does not show in the template

there is no need to insert html code in custom fields to implement what you described earlier.
and you definitely do not have to modify your theme to show the custom fields on your documents.

All themes, whether custom or built-in, will show all custom fields created for the transaction type, so long as the custom fields are checked to show on documents. You do not actually include the custom field in theme code. They appear automatically at the end of the document unless you deliberately remove the code that adds the custom field array.

Sorry, Im not able to understand, how to go about it,

I need to add this to existing or new template.
Can you please guide me.

I have added Html code in themes< was able to get the footer

But when I click on pdf or email, It is not visible

you will have to use custom theme if you are trying to design exactly like this.
themes are written in liquid code. and not all design variables are supported.

unfortunately this is not a coding forum. so you will have to check your code.

I think you would be better off using custom fields than custom themes, as the various forum topics have described. Themes are for changing the overall look of the document, not so much the content. Nothing you are trying to show requires a custom theme.

okay, The above can be achieved by custom fields?

I added

to get a box, in Custom field, I will add the text as well, But how will I align it?

You cannot control alignment of custom fields without custom themes. But is that really so important? Custom fields are all aligned to the left, one above another. You can control the order they appear by entering Position numbers.

With custom fields I could only achieve this

, However when click on pdf the stamp box is not visible , Kindly help

and alignment is really important

No one on this forum is going to write your code for you. If you don’t have the personal skills, hire a local programmer.

you can search the forum. there has already been solutions given. i also remember someone providing the code too.

I have written it in HTML and added to custom theme but when I convert it to PDF it does not show.
Should The code be written in Liquid?


okay, Thank You sharpdrivetek and Tut for the guidance. I will try to do it

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To be clear, content within custom fields is in HTML. Themes are in Liquid. A Liquid theme is only going to call up the content of a custom field so its HTML code can be converted into a display.