How to add a signature to the Invoice Template

You could hire a local IT professional to solve this, it is that important for your business.

These forms can use themes, coded in Liquid, a programming language, to customise the output

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This is not a coding forum, @croyavi. There are plenty of those. As @Joe91 said, if you do not have the skills yourself, hire a local programmer. And understand that what you see on screen, in PDFs, and when printing are all rendered in different ways. Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application because it runs on so many platforms.

C’mon @Joe91 and @Tut this is about Custom Fields and not coding per se. It could be considered as part of the Use HTML code in fields guide.

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@Mark, the revival of this 2-year-old thread illustrates why coding questions are so strongly discouraged on the forum:

  • First, @MarV gave incorrect advice.
  • Then @croyavi asked for help with tables, about which he or she seems to have no knowledge. Doing so, he had been misled into asking about the wrong thing. This also comes close to violating the rule against soliciting work on the forum.
  • Now, you say this is about using HTML in fields, which it is not. It is about coding themes in Liquid.

Regardless, there already is a Guide covering this topic: It provides a fairly comprehensive example that includes:

  • Placing a custom field in a different location
  • Suppressing appearance of the field at the normal location
  • Use of conditional logic to control transaction types for which the field is moved or not moved
  • Discussion of looping behavior for variable arrays

That Guide was never meant to teach anyone Liquid coding. And it does not cover everything you might want to do with a custom field. But anyone qualified to write Liquid code should be able to understand the necessary concepts by reading it. The level of information given is consistent with the long-established notion that users are responsible for their own custom theme performance. The program provides flexibility allowing users to modify things. But the developer is not responsible for their modifications. And this forum was not established to teach coding.

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@Tut What is incorrect in my advice? I’am speaking from experience with Manager rendering. Without using Tables, there is no way to properly layout divs on PDF export. On screen yes, but we all need ultimately PDF and print. Your referenced guide only give basic knowledge as you say, but even there proper layout is achieved using nested DIVs inside Table.


We have differing opinions on this subject

  • Manager is highly customizable
  • Achieving that customization is beyond the abilities of many users
  • That does not mean a Manager forum is not the best place to discuss Manager customization

In my opinion a better approach is; if someone doesn’t wish to provide support for programming questions, why not just not respond to such posts. Does it matter if some posts go un-answered for some time?


@MarV thank you. I made it on my own. If you did not mentioned about the table it was to me nearly impossible to find the solution. Your experiences easy my tasks.

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Sorry to disagree but this is a custom field as described in Custom field on sales invoice not showing on printed document - #3 by croyavi And <table> is a standard HTML tag, which has nothing to do with Liquid coding.

BTW, these questions are about Manager’s possibilities and I rather see more of these than the numerous questions about basic accounting standards, which, unfortunately, the forum is full of.


@MarV, you said not to use <div> tags. In fact, these are used throughout themes and are shown in the Guide mentioned.

Now look again in my reply, and you will see that I have explained. I never said DIVs cannot be used. I said that with DIVs you cant accomplish proper layout in PDFs, as @croyavi above also agree. I see that he made it, so my advice was correct. If you sometimes tried to go on further that standard themes and advanced custom layout you will know that. Also from user comments you could conclude the same. Also look in Guide mentioned, laying around DIVs are done nesting them inside TD/TR/TABLE elements. Using Just DIVs doesn’t correctly layout elements for PDF export. As per questions asked above, try to align 2-3 DIVs horizontally using just DIVs. Or try laying divs using relative or absolute positioning, and try PDF export and enjoy.
Also as other has stated, stop pushing that same line as this is not coding forum. We are not talking of underlining coding of Manager. We are talking of everyday stuff that is available in Manager and users keep asking things, especially about themes. So if you don’t like to answer don’t and everybody is happy.

p.s. I did little test for you.

<div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 10px; float:left;">TUTs test left</div>
    <div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 10px; float:right;">TUTs test right</div>

And On screen result is

And on PDF is

That’s all I have to say.

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can i the html code for this ? i am trying to do it but its appears on the top of the invoice

Hello. Can you share the code for two boxes in the same line? please