How to set default paragraph in invoice?

You have done pretty well there @ejjaadiargo!

Obviously this is a html issue (and not Manager). I suspect that you have an extra End ordered list tag after the g. item. If you can attach a text file with the text, I can add the html for you.

it should be: <li>Review dan .... (e.g. item g.)</li></ol></li><li>Jika ada ...</li><li>Wakatu ... </li></ol>

It may be easier to use JS Fiddle… I started it here… List Items - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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Thank you bro it solved… @MarkLL

there is new problem. When I exported it into pdf, the number is disappear.
Below was captured from my invoice that exported as a pdf.

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 05.48.09

Hmmm, I have replicated this so this could be a bug or a lacking in the 3rd party library being used.

If using Windows 10, you can try “Print to PDF” functionality. This does respect the html layout, although the margins are not quite the same.

@ejjaadiargo, I think you would be better off ignoring any auto-numbering in HTML, which seems to be handled differently by different rendering engines. Resort to inserting the numbers yourself as ordinary text and just separate the paragraphs with <br> tags in the custom field. The possible variations of operating system, screen rendering, PDF generator, printer driver, browser, etc., are just too many, especially when few want to agree on or adhere to standards. My experience with custom fields teaches me that the simpler you keep things, the more reliable the results will be. In the end, being able to get the invoice out so you can be paid is much more satisfying that congratulating yourself on what a clever programmer you are.

If use “< b r >” I don’t get the aligned words. Then my invoices need to put Terms and Conditions in much paragraph and I hard to make it neatly.CCC

If I use “Print” it succeed. But if I export to pdf then the numbering are disappear. Anyway I use Cloud Version. But it’s okay to save PDF with “PRINT as PDF”. Thank You bro.

Well @Tut actually, maybe the guide that mentions HTML in custom fields needs to be updated! Use HTML code in fields | Manager. I copied the text (from that page) and it did not go too well! The image worked, but the float style was ignored and I don’t know how “- Species: Malus domestica” + other points, was turned into a bullet point that is shown in the image.

Also the Signature example does not work (There is no height to the bounding box)

When writing out the PDF…

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It just worked for me.

This may depend on your operating system.

This just worked for me, also, producing exactly what the Guide shows.

I think your experience highlights how challenging it can be working across platforms and browsers. You always need to test your results. And, as I said before, simpler is usually more reliable.

Hi @Tut. Just wanted to make sure that you understood that this was not a browser issue I was referring to! In fact the display in the Manager (and other browsers I tried) worked OK. However, the generated pdf file did not work correctly (as I specified).

I suspect at some time Markup was supported, hence dashes turning to bullets.

Markup? Are you perhaps referring to Markdown? Your comment would make more sense if you were. But, of course, there are different versions of Markdown (or its equivalents). And different browsers treat it differently.

HTML: HyperText Markup Language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @Tut, yeah, my bad, MarkDown was what I meant.

However, I am not referring to a Browser issue. It’s the PDF that fails to work! Does your PDF’s have the correct appearance on the HTML elements I mentioned above?

Simple question, but complex answer. It depends on operating system, browser, etc. As a single example, on a Mac, I don’t see the apple image loaded from that particular URL, just the blue square of death with question mark. But I can load images from elsewhere. Variations in Markdown implementation can change hyphens to bullets, or not. This entire subject is why I am an advocate of simplicity when using Manager. Unless you’re a programming whiz kid, switching machines or program editions can change outcomes. What works in one environment can produce a different result elsewhere. It is very easy to be surprised by an unexpected result.

Well no, it was a simple yes/no answer actually.

I stated that the right align did not work, and you stated that “It worked for me” and you made the same statement about the other 2 issues I pointed out (and of course that does not include the List Items that also failed)

I simply wanted to verify that they were working in the PDF produced, not the display.

So I’m not a whiz kid, and don’t like using terms like expert or guru, however but I have been working with computers since 1982. I’ve worked in banking and financial services industries and even maintained a self managed superfund software product around 12 years ago. I’ve been using Windows since version 2 and Excel since version 1, so I actually understand how most of the smoke and mirrors actually works.

I had a quick look at the Apitron PDF Kit (the 3rdparty addon) and can see that some HTML is never going to work well in Custom Fields due to what the library required to output it. (you would need to parse the field for html and make appropriate calls etc.)

So based on my findings, I think that maybe a list of acceptable html tags should be provided. Maybe a table with 3 columns, showing the tag, expected results for the display vs PDF Output. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

Stay safe… MarkLL

Well, it wasn’t a yes/no answer because I have seen different results under different circumstances. The rest of your post confirms what I said. Your description of your experience qualifies you as a whiz kid in my opinion. Most people would not even understand the things you wrote. Nor would they be able to take appropriate action. But, for what it’s worth, I agree it would be helpful to have a table of HTML syntax that works. But I do not have one.

Hahahah I’m more the opposite these days, slow and old these days, but I do have experience on my side. :grin:

Just to close this out, I found the easiest way to actually get it to work in a PDF is to create a new theme and code it all as a couple of tables. Lists (ul and ol) definitely does not work.

Correct. See How to add a signature to the Invoice Template - #16 by croyavi

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Thanks, interesting that you recommended to use html in custom fields LOL. The amount of text that @ejjaadiargo wanted to add in the end really is better in a custom theme than a custom field anyway.