Signature on delivery notes

I have created a custom field for my delivery notes.
If I create a delivery note, it shows, but as soon as I print it, it does not appear on the delivery note.
And I did mark the field for “print on document”.
Please help!!

Thank you.

please post a screenshot of the custom field edit screen and also your delivery note edit screen.

You might want to check How to add a signature to the Invoice Template.

Manager will ignore any field which do not have any content in them.
try adding a simple dot or _______________ in the field.

Thank you, but in which field, as I have tried it again and still nothing.

In the EMPTY box under Customer Signature heading, If this box is left empty nothing will be displayed, if you enter something in the box then it will be displayed.

Thank you, I manage to create three (3) fields now, but only the signature one is printing not the rest.
Please help again??

Please show the edit screen for the three custom fields

Have you selected show on printed documents?
Have you enter something into each field - blank fields will not print?

Posting the view screen of anything is of little use when debugging a user’s problem as the most important information is not shown

@Tubatse, there must be content in each field for them all to show, as well. And that content must be on the delivery note transaction form, not on the custom field definition under Settings. If you want those fields to show on all delivery notes by default, place the relevant content in them under Form Defaults. See Set form defaults | Manager.