Customizing the invoice without html coding

sir i wanted the “this is computer generated” text in like shown below - it appears to be like this in older version but as soon as i updated the manager recently it changed and the box disappeared and the text is not coming in center of the page.

wanted output as it was in older versions

Current Output is like the below

Thank you in advance

To center the text, you can use this HTML code:

<div style="text-align: center">This is Computer Generated</div>

If you want border around centered text, try:

<div style="text-align: center; border: 1px solid #000; padding: 5px">This is Computer Generated</div>

That Really Worked Wonderfully. Now i need another help,
I want to align
For Covai Computers
Signature Box
Authorised Signature
to be aligned to the right.

i Able to align the text to the right but i dont know the code to align the signature box to the rightside. Can you please provide the code for that ??

Current Output:

Expected Output

Thank you in Advance

I understand your difficulty and sorry if i troubled you people :slight_smile:
anyway thanks a lot -

its hard to find people with such knowledge here and let me try that as you said -
Sorry again

No need to apologise. If you do a little homework you can find what you need to do, without an expert.
Google what you would like to do. Information is out there.
Just takes a bit of time that’s all.
It’s surprisingly enjoyable learning something new. Have learnt many new things from using Manager! Just another string to your bow!

Thank you Everyone for the Kind Help.
I achieved what i wanted

Just got the solution from some of the previous posts. Just mingled one or many posts to achieve this - thank you

Can you make a customized the section of “How to pay”