Fear to update from server version 21.5.37

Hello @ Lubos, I am quite some versions behind on my server version 21.5.37. Is it safe for an upgrade to the latest version without loosing or distorting my data. If not so, how can you assist me as I want to upgrade now. This is necessitated by some new features to manager. Please help.

Make a backup from within Manager and store it on 3 different storage media. Download server version 21.5.37 from github and store it together with each of the backups of the business file. Then download and install the latest server version and import the backup business file.

@Mark, thanks for the reply. My worry is not loosing rhe data per say, because i backup frequently, but it is wheather my version can easily update to the new without issues of compatibility as a result of the time laps from the time it was last updated. I would like to know if is possible no problems as described or there is need for me send the data file to Lubos

You should have no problems updating. Make a backup and try.

Ok thanks… I will go ahead and try

Read this post and as @Tut has already indicated, you won’t encounter problems.

@Mule1, I am fairly sure your database was already updated by your old version. The topic @Mark linked was about a 2016 release.

I don’t think github can go so far behind. I think it goes on par with the releases page @ manager.io .

21.1.1 is the oldest:

100 pages shows for me which goes back to “Manager 20.8.72 for Windows” Releases · Manager-io/Manager.msi · GitHub
Which does mean this version will be no longer available soon (a problem for updating old manager files)

@Mark & @Patch Yes you are right, I was looking in the wrong place :sweat_smile: