Want to keep using old version on new computer

Hi, I have been using V17.6.6 for a few years now. I saved this version on a USB and have now loaded it on my new laptop. However, I get a message - Your database has been upgraded to the latest version while your desktop edition is still an older version. It then tells me to upgrade. I am an elderly person, not too computer literate, who does the BAS for a friend. I just want to stick with the version I already have. It works for me and I don’t want to want to be challenged with a newer version. Can anyone help me please?

Whether you were aware or not, somewhere your database was opened by a newer version of the program. When that happened, it was restructured to accommodate the added features that have been implemented in the literally thousands of updates since the version you mentioned. The program is not backwards compatible. So you have no choice now but to upgrade the Manager installation you will be using.

None of the Guides and no answers in the forum will address your outdated version, either. And the worksheet you have used will need to be replaced with the up to date localized version. See Add localized settings and features | Manager.

Installation of the update is simple. If on a Mac or Windows machine, just choose the appropriate Guide to follow:

Hi, I have now downloaded V20.7.4 and tried to import data from V17.6.6. A message appears “The file you are trying to import is invalid”. I am worried now that I won’t be able to transfer the data from my old computer which is on the way out to my new one. Can you advise me what to do please. Thanks

Your backup file may be too old for the update script. You will probably have to send it to @lubos for conversion. This has happened a few times that we have read about on the forum. I will invite him to join this discussion. Follow his instructions.

I’m pretty sure data from version 17 should import into version 20 without issue. Anyway, @blue you can send me your file to lubos@manager.io and I can have a look.

@blue, you just broadcast your accounting record to the entire world. I deleted your post. You need to email that file to the address @lubos gave you.

oh thank you so much for that. I’m mortified that i did that

@blue, the latest version can import your business file just fine.

@blue, that takes you back to either improper installation or improper import procedures. Make sure you follow the instructions for installation I gave you in the second post of this topic. To add the business to the new installation, see this Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager.