Update from 19.7.40 to 19.12.12

i wanted to update my manager.io from 19.7.40 version to 9.12.12 (latest version) before i begin update, i worry about the data would loss if the upgrade have problem, if i want to backup the data what is the best way i do ?. i use Linux, where the files located that i should backup and restore back the data when there problem with the upgrade.

Or there is no problem with the data have in the manager.io if perform the update?.

thank you,

It is always a good idea to have a (several) back ups of your data file, so make another prior to the update.
I also keep a copy of program files I have used

If you have both of these you can go backwards if needed
Having said that, there is rarely any problem when updating Manager

As for how to do it see https://www.manager.io/guides/8890
Unfortunately there is no installation/ upgrade guide for linux

Use the 0 Backup button button, top right of screen.
The file created will have a date stamp. You can specify any path location - USB stick etc.

Also under Preferences, your data path is shown, you could copy that folder as an alternate backup.

When you download the new version, it’s also a good idea to click “Save As” to keep a copy of the version before you click “Run” or the Linux equivalents. You can use the same path as for the backups.

In case you aren’t aware, you don’t need to uninstall the existing version before you install the new version.

No data is stored in the program. Your data is stored in a separate business data file. The new version of the program will call the same file as your old version did. The only time an update touches your data is when new features of the program require a change in the database structure. Those changes are accomplished automatically by creating a new business data file. But the old one is not deleted. It remains in your application data folder.

I don’t believe there were any such changes between the versions you mentioned, so probably nothing will touch your data. But the possibility that such a conversion might happen is why you should back up your data before updating.