Error on Bank import

Good day I safe my folder like I normally do and now all off a sudden I get this error

The file you are importing is not in the correct format

You will have to open it in Notepad or similar and see what is wrong

I normally download the csv format and make changes as for the past 3years and work fine no this month I get this strange message.

If you edit the file and show the contents here, you will get more help about the problem.

Otherwise, no one can see the file and say what is wrong

Apparently you have an extra whitespace character in the headers.

If you’re using .csv format then try this:

  • Open the file in spreadsheets
  • Edit each of the header cells and remove the extra space
  • Ensure that the spreadsheet didn’t change the formating of date fields and reformat if necessary.
  • Save the file as .csv

Even if it’s another format based on .xml, you can do the exact same steps but using a text editor program.

@BM_Roberts could you please send your CSV file to my email ? Send it exactly in the format that you download from the bank website.

My new approach to CSV import is to support as many bank variations as possible rather than asking users to edit CSV files before import.

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