Fields recognised in Bank CSV import

Does anyone have a list of the fields recognised by bank import?

Looking at old forum posts the best I could find was

From Sep 2018

From October 2021

From October 2022

So it appears cvs recognises

  • Date or Transaction Date
  • Description or Extended Text
  • Amount or Credit or Credit Amount or Net

I’m particularly looking for Quantity and / or Unit price to stream line importing investment transactions

The import is related to bank statements that usually do not have line item details such as these.

I use: Date, Description, Reference, Amount

The work around is

  • put the quantity and unit price in the description
  • Perform a bank import into Manager
  • instead of using bank rules, manually copy the quantity and unit price and each transaction (to total providing a built in check)

Importing the quantity would enable bank rules to be used but not a disaster without.

The bank statement importation is not a real issue but you need to realize that the debits and credits are summary amounts of what could contain one to many line items. The bank statement itself does not tell us any of these details and at best gives some understandable reference number that you can match with a manually created payment or receipt with details of one or more line items such as QTY.

We use separate POS systems and only import the bank statements into Manager and assign them to summary income and expense accounts. As we deposit the cash in bank we also have those summaries but not details available. Auditors have access during audits to both systems and get guidance/answers where needed for both so they match. I am not sure what others do but I do not think there is an easy or quick fix as illustrated by @Patch’s work around, where before importing you need to put the required line items in the description (banks do not allow long description fields) and then per receipt and payment manually split them with the required line items.

If you send me sample CSV file to, I will incorporate that.

I would be happy if it could recognize debit and credit column headings amounts instead of me manually putting a - sign in front and then putting them all in the one amount column,

@Wornout send me sample CSV file to