CSV file is missing "Date" column

just got onboard with Manager yesterday and having trouble importing Bank statements
I have tried 4 times now to d/l the statement but keep getting the error “CSV file is missing “Date” column”
I opened the file in Open Office and it does show a date column in the download.
Should I contact my bank or is it a bug here
What a way to start ? with what appears to be a good program

Try to email me to lubos@manager.io what you are trying to import. I will try to reproduce it.

Lubos, I have emailed the file to you.
I hope to get it sorted , because I want to start using Manager soon.

Im having the same problem Lubos. I tried editing the file in libre office but it still doesnt detect the date column.

Send me CSV file you are trying to import to lubos@manager.io

Solved my issue

Hi Lubos, im having the same problem. How can we fix this

Yep - I’m having the same problem. @aommeren you say you’ve solved it. How?

If you have Date field in your CSV file and import still doesn’t work, send me your statement to lubos@manager.io and I will try to reproduce the issue.

Just for completeness, my CSV file had a blank line at the top, and the word ‘Amount’ was missing. It had ‘Value’ instead. It works fine now.

Same problem here, is it okay I send you an example of our .csv so you can tell me how adjust is manually? Is there also an expantion of the import functionality on the roadmap :-P?

@lubos created a new version which removed the extra line. I’m using 16.4.33 which works. However you may have to open the .CSV file in a text editor such as notepad (assuming windows) and make sure the word ‘Amount’ is there.

Hi, I am new just started today, I had the same problem but managed to fixed headings ‘date’ & ‘description’, now I am getting error message ‘Input string was not in a correct format’ . I am on a Mac and when changed the headings I exported to CSV. :slight_smile:

In what format is date in your CSV file?

Hi. I’m having the same problem. I’ll email the file to you. I’ve changed the column titles from Finnish to match the names required, but still get the same error.

I’ve got the same problem… How did you fix this?

Hello, I got this same issue and managed to solve it.
I opened the CSV file and there was simply no line with titles in first position, this is why Manager could not identify the columns.
In the manual, you can find the 5 mandatory column names that the program recognizes. Insert a first line and enter the sequence comparing to the order of the info and the number of seperating commas.
For example : Date,Amount,Reference,Description,Payee,
You don’t need to indicate the name of the columns others than those 5, but don’t forget the commas.
If anything wrong, you probably got a comma too much or too less. Be careful to select the right column for the payments amounts and not the starting or ending balances.

Good Luck!

Im having the same problem Lubos. I tried editing the file in but it still doesnt detect the date column.

I’ve got the same problem… How did you fix this?

change the format all of the column headers to general. then save as csv (comma delimited utf-8) in excel (latest version of excel because some of old version did not save the file in comma delimited (,) instead they save in semi colon ( ; )

to know what I meant of comma and semi colon. install note++ (free) and open with that program.

If the excel did not save in comma separator (,)

you may use notepad++ to find and replace semi colon ( ; ) with comma (,)